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Pleasant enough, 15 March 2014

OK it won't change your life, but this a pleasant, good-hearted way to spend an hour. It's not a sitcom so much as light comedy drama. Some performances are a bit ropey but there are some good solid actors here and Blake Harrison has a winning way with him and deserves his own series after The Inbetweeners. It also looks pretty good – the best side of Margate it's true but a fair reflection of its best side. It was a bit clunky in the first episode as everyone was introduced but it'll probably improve with time as everyone relaxes and their "quirks" are taken for granted. Take a chance – better than Jonathan Creek on the other side anyway.

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Genuinely absorbing, 17 October 2013

The trailer hinted at a charming romp around Paris; reviews suggested something darker. In reality it proved to be a very honest, challenging film, which refused to pop love-in-marriage into a convenient genre-box.

I can understand completely that it wasn't many people's cup of tea. Certainly not a cosy feel-good movie for the growing sixtysomething demographic that presumably ensured finance for the movie to be made. But it your relationship is resilient – or you are single – there is pleasure to be had in this grown-up story.

Yes, it was painful to watch at times, but delightful at others – a bit like life. Yes you wanted to smack them both for being so... annoying. No, you probably wouldn't invite them round to dinner without a certain amount of sighing. But I defy you to work out, before the end, whether they themselves would work out before the end. And I trust it will make a star, at last, of the luminous Lindsey Duncan.