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Inside (2007)
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Huh...this is something, 14 May 2008

Wow,this movie is a catcher. First of all it's got 7 out of 10 on IMDb,concluding this one is good or what? How could they let it out? It's sick to the bones man...the director should get a head check,he's got real issues.Come on, for letting this "movie" out he should be in a mental institution or even better in jail. Those people should not be let walking among us. Put them in zoo for Christ sake. Chopping a pregnant woman is not fun at all, the movie is no fun at all. Some other horror movie do include a bit of fun, so if u're some kinda pervert or mind sick go for it, otherwise watch Star Trek instead. It is fun i guarantee that.

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A Great Ending Not So Great or..., 6 June 2007

Well first of all, this comment concerns only the last episode which started great but ends so suddenly, like in 5 minutes, was a little telegraphic like a trailer of a movie or sort... and it left me in air for a while. I had the feeling like wasting time with the series. Probably the director woudn't like to end this nice saga with a cliché like many others with a nice homecoming party or something. But as i said, i shed no tears, i wish i would but i couldn't, like i did after seeing the last episode of TNG, i think it deserved a little fancy speech from the cpt. Janeway or other crewmen. Or in the other way, i wished i could be happy for them, but i couldn't. It was like the borg, no feelings induced.

Now, what about the "no harming other species" phrase ? Janeway infected the borg with some kinda virus and kills or incapacitates all of them. Or not all of them ? What happens with them? It is somehow contrairing with her previous actions regarding the borg and other species. Or could it be because she is a little older now and she becomes more eager to redeem herself because she didn't want the crew of Voyager to spend another 23 years in the Delta Quadrant bicoz of her fault (or not). Again, this leads to her action against borg. At first she didn't want the caretaker's device to come in other hands and to be used against other species, and now he kills the borg. What about the Federation rules which she respects throughout all these 7 years like a religion ?

In my opinion, Voyager series and TNG, i think it deserved a more elaborate ending which should be prepared with an episode or two ahead. I have no experience in making movies :) but after all of these years of hard work from their behalf, i guess it deserved more.