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The '80s and the '90s for the most part was a special time when adults didn't think that children would be traumatized for life for seeing anything more stimulating, violent, scary, or action packed than than Bob Ross, anything not cuter than the Care Bears...anything that kids would have to think about. As a whole, kids in the '80s could take more and their parents knew it. They got bullied and shrugged it off. They rejected labels. They were, well, they were kids and kids are tough. So, here is a list of movies that Generation X loved as kids...but for some reason won't let kids watch today.
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Comedies are best watched with friends & best done with a straight man. Which of these legendary comedy duos is you favorite?
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You may actually like "Brokeback Mountain," you know, if you are the type that liked "The English Patient." The rest of us, well, we either openly hate the movie because scenery does NOT make for a good movie by itself, or we pretend to like it so we aren't labeled homophobic. If you are in the latter, here is a list of Gay themed films that are actually entertaining.
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There are a LOT of movies out there, cherished favorites that I remember watching as a kid. They were some of my childhood favorites. But today they would have elements that are deemed too intense for younger viewers, scenes that would be cut because of violence, foul language, or just because they were creepy.

It could that I didn't grow up in a wholesome Disney household, but I don't see the problem in any of these today. In fact, I have gotten in trouble for showing "Bill & Ted" in a high school history class as a post final cool down.

So here they are childhood favorites that my sister & friends watched as children but would NOT let their kids watch them today.
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I just think that these movies have something to them that makes them stand out from everything else out there.
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From worst to best. It's a personal topic & all a matter of taste, so flame on
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It is in order, the funny man followed by the straight man in each pairing, although honestly: Dule Hill, Donald Glover, Richard Pryor, Mike Myers, can they really be considered the straight men? I'll let you judge.

Kudos to Paul Rudd, he makes a great straight man & that is a hard job to pull off.
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Six and three is nine
Nine and nine is eighteen
Look there brother baby and
You'll see what I've seen

Yes, I have a chip on my shoulder, but for good reason. I do live in the greatest city on earth. It's the Third Coast, the Windy City, & it has spawned a new breed of American. We are more polite than New York, more grounded than LA, &, as a people, far less refined than Boston. It's also the most beautiful city in America, we have alleys, our garbage doesn't collect on the streets, the rats stay in the shadows.

But we do have our problems, and epidemic of crime & violence that has lasted so long, the Chicago Police Department exchanged Michael for Jude as it's acting patron saint--which, if nothing else, stands as a testament of Chicago's good humor. The city is run by the Irish Mafia, South Side shootings stopped being news three generations ago. The dead regularly vote, and yet the people take the rampant corruption with a good humored shrug. That's how our political machine has always worked, and for some unknown reason, America elected one of us to the highest office in the land.

Now it could be that I grew up here, but I can't help but judge other cities by their versions of Division & Michigan, & they've always fallen short. The skylines aren't as beautiful, & the people, well, their not from Chicago. The people on the East Coast & the West Coast both have their extremes, by the time they get to the Third Coast the unnecessary eccentricities have washed away.

So here you go, a tribute, in almost no particular order, to the best city in the world.
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, the "Supernatural" theme changes, but I'm a sucker for classic rock. "Rosanne" has a great blues riff, and as a Chicago boy, that's still waiting to hear "Big Walter's Boogie" as a theme song, I feel obligated to keep "Rosanne" high on the list. It was an ongoing battle for most of the others, a lot of debate came and went while doing the audiophile thing. In the end "Cowboy Beebop" was pushed from number one to number four. Feel free to point out what I've missed. Keep in mind, when you flame on, this is about the music, not the show. If "True Blood" is making an appearance, it can only be about that opening theme.
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When I was a little kid, way back in the day, there were TV shows I hated; "Murder she Wrote," comes to mind, but still loved the title sequence. Today it's "True Blood," that I can't stand, but still absolutely love the title sequence. We've entered back into the golden age of television & the title sequence is just as strong as the programming that follows.
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Some how the remake of Straw Dogs crossed the line. I could deal with the half-hearted toned down no-longer-scary remakes of formerly gritty horror movies--that seems to be par for the genre--and I could even put up with the grittier remakes of classic westerns & think they might even be an improvement.

But let's face it, The Karate Kid, Arthur, & Footloose should have been left alone. The new Star Trek was decent, but I somehow felt dirty watching it, violated almost.

But Straw Dogs was a classic, it was a movie I assumed would be untouchable, much like The Birds & My Fair Lady. Hollywood turned from exploiting the popular trash of old to raping fine art.

This has to stop now, before MCG remakes Pulp Fiction & Tim Burton gives his own unique twist to the Godfather reboot.

Hollywood, we are sick to death of your rampart destruction of our film heritage.
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Let's face it, I've made a lot of bad choices & carry a lot of shame with me.
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A small list dedicated to touting the unsung stars that are capable of much more than Hollywood offers them.
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It could be an age thing, it could be that you cling to the music and movies that were new and fresh when you came of age. A part of that is certainly true, just a little bit of bile rises in my throat when I see kids now days and am forced to face the singular brutal fact that some how grunge died, but somehow goth is still going strong. Really? Goth? I still don't understand how women have the patience for makeup, let alone men.

But then the 90's were different. I know, I know, every generation says that about the time they were in high school, but in my case it's true. The internet was the difference.

Every generation has little things that the next generation will miss out on. For those of us that graduated in the late 90s those things are a future shock. Little things, like pay phones & busy signals, all gone and forgotten. But thanks to the internet, Record Stores, no, not Best buy, kids, actual record stores, these are a tragic cultural lose. The internet changed music, it killed the album & made people like Justin Bieber famous.

But technology also killed Hollywood. When I was in high school, in the late 90s we had our Blockbusters, but we also had little films. We had low budget sleepers that studios could take risks on, films like "Seven," that weren't widely advertised and somehow became financial successes.

We had truly independent films, that never quiet made it big, but thanks to video stores--another cultural lose--everyone seemed to see "Clerks" at roughly the same time...even in a small suburb of Chicago.

Today, finding movies like "Clerks" is almost impossible. You have to browse through the torrent sights, and that's if you know what you're looking for. There are no video rentals to advertise them, at least not like there used to be.

Today, to stay afloat, Hollywood has to cater to the LCD, the PG-13 crowds. High tech special effect extravaganzas. Plots have suffered. Going to movies used to be a favorite past time, renting films used to be a favorite past time, searching through the aisles to find the gem no one else in your circle of friends has seen yet.

People my age don't really do that any longer. Outside of the odd comedy, outside of movies like "Juno," we tend to glance through the papers, read what's showing, decide that there's nothing that interests us, then sit at home and watch HBO's original programing instead. That's right, we still have TV series & HBO, & the TV sets have gotten much better, but it still doesn't live up to a date at the theater.
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Some of the movies are too long to show in the classroom, but even showing clips from the films are enough to keep your students entertained, especially if you have the time to show clips for pure entertainment between the lessons. Some are good to assign along with outside reading.

Most of these are geared to the college classroom, but high school teachers might find some of them useful. My classes are always reading, paper, & debate heavy so keep that in mind if you're planing on using any of these, some don't work without the proper texts.

There's also a "showmanship" style to the way I handle my classes, comedy is huge, but I'm not above dressing the part, screaming & yelling, crying, kicking over trashcans, whatever is needed is usually done. I think if you're not willing to go over the top in your classroom, using a lot of movies will probably work against you.
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If they don't scare you, you're not paying attention.
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Dad was always the one to take us to the movies when we were kids and with a few possible exceptions, the big difference about what my father was forced to take my sister and I to see and today is simple that kids movies treat the kids like they're idiots. As a result, we've been introducing our kids to "the classics."
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