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pay close attention, 13 January 2004

I got the impression that the writer tried too hard to make this different. Dumb-ole-me was able to keep up, but, its many twists and turns are too lengthy to recount here. Some superficial content of the plot portrays recalcitrant horse-raiser, Steve, subsequently apologizing for his individuality. While doing so, however, the ONE nearby person listening to him, is murdered from afar; therefore, Steve appears guilty. A regional lawman (Lane) is passing by and witnesses Steve's innocence, but, aware of widespread anti-Steve sentiment, Steve accepts an alternate offer of help to evade the lynch mob. Little does he know that his "helpers" want Steve to obtain some information and impart it to them. Lane works to get to the bottom of all this. Except for its complexity, it's a rather routine Western effort.

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punishment for those who partake, 3 January 2004

Tired of meager gig funds, guitarist Jonesy seeks bucks by helping rob a nightclub linked to a bully who generously practices his strong-arming tactics. This accounts for Jonesy's teaming with Cowboy, who is a very unstable Englishman. It's an affiliation which Jonesy tries to conceal from his girlfriend, Bonnie. In my opinion, this movie deserves a "poor" grade because of its inferior acting; sub-standard sound and lighting; and unimaginative writing. And how realistic is it when more than twenty shots come from Cowboy's hand-gun with no apparent reloading of it? Having such an arsenal, however, would be one way (although nobody better DO this) of accommodating what I suspect will be a large portion of the audience wanting to be put out of its misery.

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Fabulous??? THIS Movie???, 3 January 2004

Most of this film shows the late Jeffrey Strouth, in the back seat of a car, talking and talking and talking and talking about his many unusual experiences. Either he has a huge, exaggeration-inflated imagination, or, he's one of those folks who is extremely often effected by planned and co-incidental timing, resulting in his involvement in a plethora of rare occurrences. In any event, I don't dispute the interestingness of his tales. But I sure did get tired of his banter: a style which others have characterized as queenish and effeminate. Sorry if I'm dwelling too much on delivery and not enough on substance. I'm not bothered by fingernails screeching on a chalkboard; but Jeffrey's rambling really turned me off - to the extent that I was unable to fully concentrate on the dialogue. Therefore, it's MY expectation that, in this case, the book must certainly be better than the movie.

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I'll go along with the "Rocky" part, 3 January 2004

This film got enough "only-in-the-movies" head-shakes from me that it also gets my "below-average" rating. The Three Mesquiteers bring a group of reinforcers to The Texas Rangers, who lack authority to address rampant bullying and lawlessness in a nearby area, which later became the "panhandle" of Oklahoma. The plan is to lure the boss desperado and his gang into Texas, where the good guys can do battle with the villains. Another part of the plan involves one of the Mesquiteers impersonating a look-alike fugitive. But then the REAL wanted man arrives on the scene. ROCKY MOUNTAIN RANGERS might give realists such as me a mild workout.

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pleasantly subtle differences, 3 January 2004

Songs not so western-sounding; Dale and Roy initially at odds; coastal setting; believable, interesting story with intelligent humor - elements of this film which favorably impressed me, without a "try-too-hard-to-be-different" result. "Apache Rose" is the name of a small boat, skippered by Dale. Oil prospector Roy dislikes Dale's delivery plans for his equipment, but, eventually, they warm up to each other, with disguised Dale actually assisting to apprehend the villainous Reed Calhoun, who operates a casino-boat and covets oil-rich land owned by Dale's suitor - the gambling-indebted Carlos Vega, and his sister from out-of-town, Rosa. Some of the comic relief is aptly provided by the bumbling, years-worn, Roy-admirer, Alkali. After twelve years of pretty-much formulaic Roy Rogers movies - which, by this time numbered around 75 - it's nice to see one which is not quite the same as many of them, but doesn't overdo the uncharacteristic.

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Kiss The Audience Goodbye, 3 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Carl hates everybody. His mom made him that way. His piano-teaching is only a slight, temporary smoke-screen for his contempt for all of society. By film's end, Carl has become a mass murderer and captor of the apple of his eye. The captive is pretty messed-up, too. She escapes from Carl and actually returns voluntarily to be imprisoned by him again. This movie evidences some initial intrigue, but it eventually deteriorates into considerable incredulity, although its other components are not terribly bad. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this type of show when I watched it. Whatever the reason, I rate this flick "below average".

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oi, vai!, 20 December 2003

This film proves that ANYTHING is fair game for offering to the public. But, relying on word-of-mouth to aid in this movie's success just ain't gonna happen. I suppose that, if the viewer of this is to notice anything in addition to the strictly personal documenting of somebody's Bar Mitzvah, it'll be that some adults are more messed up than kids, and kids pick up on things that might be totally inconspicuous to adults. Other than that, everything else about this picture is, in MY opinion, extremely bush. The amateurness of the performances convince me that this is, actually, a home-movie, with simply terrible sound, lighting, scripting - you name it. Plus, this even STRENGTHENS certain stereotypical notions. Good that we recognize that the boy has become a man. Bad for anybody who watches these events.

unlimited cringes, 6 December 2003

I'm reluctant to describe a film as "the worst movie I've ever seen" because, undoubtedly, one'll come along which is even lousier. But, without question, this is right down there among the awfulest. Just terrible. Much of the action has no relevance to what precedes or follows. Much of the dialogue is indiscernibly soft, or drowned out by music. It seems impossible that anything could be worse, but, the acting is (or it MIGHT be - much of the spoken part of it is camoflauged by its inaudibility). And the develops with extreme immaturity. It insulted my intelligence to watch it (and I ain't very smart to begin with). It's about a Russian scientist, who has fled to the United States and has developed a Life Extension Formula, which causes the Soviets to want him back. His grand niece (?) meets - and wants to marry - a co-worker, who rescues her after her kidnappers (some of them dwarfs) have suspected that she may know her uncle's (?) whereabouts. If that causes you to check this out - I apologize.

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watching this is not entirely a dangerous affair, 6 December 2003

Samantha is engaged to Adam but Samantha is "doing" Adam's dad, Harold. Adam's best friend, Bobby, a do-nothing barfly after his pro-football-career-ending knee injury, is unattached, but always looking. In a singular liaison outside of his relationship with Samantha, Adam gets it on with Lynn, who also went to bed with Bobby. Lynn is a nurse, who attends elderly AIDS patient. Mrs. Applegate. One day - before all of this - Lynn was caring for Mrs. Applegate and accidentally punctured her finger with a needle with which she had just injected Mrs. Applegate. Lynn contracted AIDS, which made her a sociopath, with DEcreased instead of INcreased inhibitions, and - you get the picture - a lot more people may be infected. The seriousness of this subject matter could very easily have further reduced my rating of this flick: Usually I avoid "heavy" films, preferring that my movie-viewing experience be more uplifting. But this production - although sometimes unevenly paced - lacked other elements to really bring it down, so, it gets a passing grade from me.

Fireball Forward (1972) (TV)
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maybe some casualties but not a lost war, 28 November 2003

Looks like the proponents of this film could use a little help. OK. Here it comes... Not being much of a historian, and stupid about discards from other pictures, I am unable to evaluate it with these things in mind. Perhaps this lesser intelligence accounts for my being entertained by this flick. It's about a newly-transferred General who concludes that somebody with access to his Command Post is tipping off the Germans with regard to his division's movements. I was not distracted by any inferiority in the easily-seen stuff, such as the acting, sound, lighting, writing, etc. Therefore, I was intrigued by the effort here to identify the source of the "leak". I, for one, would say that FIREBALL FORWARD (which refers to the nickname of the headquarters of the top brass) is worth reconning, and is no more of a gamble as to whether you'll like it or not, than most other movies.

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