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I consider myself to have (for the most part), great taste in films, but there's a few films that I adore that have been panned by critics and the general public. Here's a list of those films.
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Ironcially enough, I'm not a big sports fan, but sports movies have always entertained me, so here's a list of my personal favorites, once again in no particular order. :)
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Well, as a counterpart to my first list, let me make a list that shows all the movies I can't stand but have receieved critical accolades from viewers and/or movie critics. Enjoy (and don't judge me)! BTW, I noticed that the movies already have plot descriptions listed, so I won't write them out again. :)
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Making these lists are fun (I know I'm a nerd)! Anyway, I've always loved to watch musicals growing up, and now I'm going to list the ones I've loved best, whether or not they were traditional or non-traditional. Enjoy!