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"...more like a muddy snoozefest", 13 April 2008

It's painfully ironic that George Clooney would allow that line to be in "Leatherheads", as it is the perfect description of the movie. It is a sports comedy that isn't funny or about football. The plot goes far askew with leaden subplots about relationships and deceptions, but worst of all fails to keep anyone's attention. I fell asleep for 15 minutes without missing anything (I never sleep during movies, btw). My wife and I would have left (and we never leave movies), but we were in the middle of the back row and would have disturbed a bunch of people. In hindsight we might have done them a favor.

Too talky, too slow, and in desperate need of a good editor, "Leatherheads" is a flop. If you must see it, wait and rent so you can take a break and decide if it's worth trading 2 hours of your life you'll never get back.

Breach (2007)
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Slow but Authentic, 3 March 2007

"Breach" is slow - slow enough to recommend waiting to rent for most people. It is a good story, but the material requires the methodical pacing that will bore viewers hoping for car chases and gun fights.

The most authentic part of the movie is its attention to detail. The interior shots look like the drab, boring government offices they portray. This wonderfully realistic touch will be lost on those that haven't toiled in such holes; it is nice that a movie finally depicts a governmental office that looks like one, instead of a futuristic, gleaming movie version that has more in common with the starship Enterprise.

Intentionally or not, the drabness goes beyond the office spaces (apologies to - yeahhh - Gary Cole). Laura Linney's hair is flat and dull, and she's as pale as a ghost. All of the exterior shots are cloudy with a 70% chance of showers, like DC all winter long. The somber look of the movie enhances theme, but will probably leave some viewers with a bad taste.

As a retired intelligence analyst, I enjoyed this movie because it reminds us that traitors exist, and they cause damage to our national security. Like "United 93" it isn't easy or enjoyable to watch, but the subject matter is thought provoking.