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Absolutely Horrendous, 9 December 2001

Raiders of the Son is by far one of the worst movies ever made. The main antogonist, Clay, has spray painted shoulder pads for his outfit. Hell, me and my friends could do that. Other characters such as Hoghead, who actually wears a hog's head on his head, makes me want to puke. The movie has some mildly pathetic parts. Also, ROTS has some of the funniest bloopers ever. Toward the beginning of the film, a group of about 3 people are running away from a gunman. He fires on all of them and then ceases fire. 2 or the men fall down immediately but one keeps running for 5 more seconds then decides to fall. The worst part about it is that hes wearing a pink shirt so he stands out. Horrible acting and horrible story make for one of the worst movies ever.