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Shameful Secrets (1993) (TV)
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Typical TV Movie, 26 January 2002

Abusive, black-hearted husband is the bad guy, and the loving mother is wronged by the unfeeling court system. However, AMAZING performance by Justin Isfeld as Jason, the son. Truly a wonderful performance for a child actor so young.

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a lighthearted, fun tv movie, for once., 4 January 2002

a tale of two friends who decide to become playboy bunnies. the girls react to their newfound lifestyle in different ways, and is interesting yet heartbreaking to watch.

i was expecting once of those serious "young innocent girl soiled by the big city", but was instead surprised with a sweet film that wouldnt make you blush to watch with your mother.

hopefully this movie will be shown again. try to catch it if you can, its a diamond in the rough.

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The perfect weekend movie., 20 November 2001

This movie is one of my very favorite films of all time. Fine acting performances from the cast (especially Daniel Day-Lewis as Cecil Vyse) and some of the wittiest dialogue in a period piece ever.

"A Room with a View" is set partly in Florence, Italy, and the film showcases the beauty of the city via its art, architecture, sculptures, and general feeling.

This film is a wonderful treasure that E.M. Forester would be proud of today. Cuddle with your loved one and watch this movie.