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This was definately the worst movie I have ever seen
19 November 2001
The premise of this movie is that "a hockey-playing chimp is chased out of a pro league by jealous human rivals and ends up on the streets, where a homeless boy teaches him how to skateboard. The duo goes on to wow the judges at a national skateboarding competition." First of all, how does a monkey end up on the streets, and why would a homeless kid skip searching for a meal to teach a monkey how to skateboard. While extreme sports have been underexposed for so long, your viewing of this movie along with others of similar themes, will aide to overexpose this great sport. See this weeks issue of sports illustrated on page 38 for more. They include Vin Diesel as a popular extreme sports star drafted by the U.S. government to become a secret agent and infiltrate a crime ring. ???ughhh A hard core surfer played by Sean Penn sells his home so he can trek through the Central American underworld in search of his best friend, a fellow surfer named Captain Zero ??? ugggh NOW THIS. I am not a major skateboarding fan but good Hollywood please leave this sport alone if they are going to churn out crap like this. PLEASE I saw the movie for free at a screening and still want a refund!
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