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HYSTERICAL animated SF short about Earth's orbit & birthdays, 12 November 2010

this EDUCATIONAL, don't groan, short starts out with some sort of alien who gets around by it's spring's eagerness for his next birthday. he then decides to use his "all powerful" flying saucer toy to make his wish come true.

his human woman neighbor must step in though when things go wrong to explain his mistakes back to him. this is very well made and has a dry tongue in cheek sense of humor that's much funnier than many modern "attention deficit syndrome" cable TV kid's shows although it borrows their style.

it's just one fun extremely absurd concept juxtaposed against scientific facts with a light, bouncy (pun intended) vibe. this can be enjoyed by humans and aliens alike of all ages.

LurchWorld (2010) (V)
weird animated abstract science fiction, 12 November 2010

ten lines of text wouldn't really be needed to describe this short in full, but a description might help anyone who isn't sure whether or not they want to watch this.

it starts out with a "transmission" bunch of oval shaped artifacts that look like fragments of ceramic jars with markings tumbling in space. then weird things happen leading to a voyage to another reality.

it's a very abstract short that doesn't have a story. some of the graphics are very primitive & hand drawn and some appear to be CGI. it's hard to have an emotional response to this as it plays more like a series of snapshots of random items and is simply a 2 minute experience each viewer will take something different from. it's simply a moving sculpture.

Luminoid (2000)
weird & sexy fembot short, 12 November 2010

what seems to start out as a banal low budget short about a female android narrated by a British woman with a sexy voice devolves into a weird & surreal piece of art. it's hard to get where this film's strange charm comes from. maybe it's just the eye & ear candy.

the narrator simply describes a couple of events and perceptions and "emotions" of the android whilst various stylized images like the closeup of a mouth of a character that says something to the android. the story kind of has the feel of an installation one might find in an art gallery like video art by nam june paik. there isn't really a story as much as a narrative, but it works brilliantly.

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weird, but profound animated sci-fi social commentary, 12 November 2010

at first it's hard to get into this animated black & white short as it seems random & pointless. slowly though, it starts to unravel it's narrative about the fate of a world being discovered by the robotic central character and his "magic headphones" that tap into the civilization's archives.

despite the allegorical nature of the story, it really seems to be about human society and future shock related issues. as the robot travels from place to place, plugging into their "information portals", the meaning of it all snaps into focus and the story's weight becomes apparent. the conclusion will resonate with some and be dismissed by others who might not like the message, but that only adds irony to the final scene.

i'd call this short surreal, cerebral & poignant & well worth watching for anyone looking for a SERIOUS short that has something important to say.

a sort of CGI sci-fi haiku, 11 November 2010

this very short film revolves around the life & dreams of a robot built to serve as a war machine. while it follows it's orders, it has dreams for more.

the CGI is on the low end side and the narration is subtitled Japanese, but succeeds as an artistic statement. it's hard to write 10 lines about a story that ends in the time it takes to think up & type just a couple, but hopefully this will help anyone, particularly on dialup, decide whether or not to watch it.

it reminds me a lot of the type of abstract CGI experiments one would see before the technology took off and began being used regularly in movies. if you want to see a quick piece of sci-fi poetry more than a full story, this short is OK if not anything special. the style & not just the narration, is very Japanese. fans of that culture & anime will like it more than those who only like Hollywood fare.

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endearing little sci-fi tale told through a child's eyes, 11 November 2010

this short is definitely made for children and is a nice example of the power of imagination. it will be quaint and even silly for anyone older than 10 maybe, but it's excellent for younger children.

the protagonist loves outer space and fantasizes about building a spaceship to visit there and then decides to build one despite the teasing by her fellow playmates who think she's crazy.

some of the story includes crudely drawn "crayon style" animation of planets & spaceships, but that is simply part of the overall vibe of the story. at a time when parents have to worry about violence and other bad influences in media that's supposedly for children, this short stands out as a truly innocent and even inspirational film they need not worry about.

weird SF short with unexpected politically incorrect twists, 11 November 2010

this short starts with a good natured hen pecked (pun intended) farmer's attempt to appease his nagging wife by building a robot out of junk. the southern stereotypical dialogue is so over the top it's hysterical especially so out of place in a science fiction story.

he manages to pull it off and build the robot to take over all of his chores, but there's more to the story than just that, there's unexpected twists to follow.

all along the way, there are plenty of laughs even if the jokes are dumb, but the film definitely isn't a pale imitation of something else. the writers had to have dropped acid or something because this story is really out there.

it kind of falls apart a little at the very end, but it hard to stop laughing the 1st 3/4 of the film. if you've been starving to see something unlike anything else you've ever seen or predictable, this is it!

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VERY well made, but has no ending, 11 November 2010

the production values for this short are off the charts. it's extremely well made and there's a bit in the middle that's hysterical. the animation & design are terrific and the set is well made too. the problem is just when the story is getting started, it literally ends abruptly leaving the viewer hanging like a Saturday night live skit that's funny and that just fizzles out at the end.

i saw links for related videos that might be continuations to the story and would definitely be worth watching if they are, but by itself, the way that this short ends is a little annoying. it's like the makers intended to go on, but couldn't think of where to go next.

on it's own though, it's a nice enough little diversion and is much better made than a lot of shorts.

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wait, i'm invested in the plight of a traffic light?! LOL, 9 November 2010

this nice little flick takes place inside a crosswalk traffic light and is about the stick figure inside that tells everyone when to walk. it turns out that the little guy has dreams of his own just like everyone else despite his mundane task of repeatedly posing as someone walking.

his personality creates unexpected problems with silly results, but the whole time, the viewer starts to admire his pluck. being an individiual though has consequences.

despite the symbolic nature of the character, it's easy to root for him and by the end of the film he becomes a friend to the viewer.

this is an amazing & surprising film that tells a totally compelling story with nothing but body language and is a very rare treat in a world of short subjects that wish that had this one's heart.

this short totally delivers the goods for people of all ages.

Dreamspace (2008)
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random snippets of reality with a purpose, 9 November 2010

after breaking up with his girlfriend, a man finds himself jumping around into different realities (dream spaces) for reasons he can't fathom and only wants to get back to reality. unknown to him, the journey has a purpose he'll only understand at the end of his journey.

this is a very well made and slightly surreal twilight zone kind of story. despite it's random nature, there is some emotional weight to the non-linear story. it might not be the most important short ever, but it acquits itself nicely by being well worth watching.

it's hard to write a full 10 lines about a short subject when you could pretty much sum everything up completely in that space, but this above average short deserves at least one review. you can do far worse than this digging for short stories.

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