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"Partners" (2012)
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The 1 star Reviewers must be cast-offs from the Audition, 9 October 2012

This show is fresh and funny, funny funny. The chemistry and tension between Michael Urie and his best friend is tense and crazy. I'm a 48 yr old woman and laugh so hard that my hubby thinks I'm going loony. I enjoy the way the writers go out of their way to make Urie's life-partner an under-the-top gay character instead of a flame. It's not expected which makes for a good and funny surprise. Plus I can see it adding a new direction in gay sit-coms. Good job writers! But I have to say that the darling of the show is Urie. He is effortlessly funny and I can't tell that he's acting. I feel like I'm in the office or apartment with him. I adored him on Ugly Betty and glad to see the network took a chance on him carrying his own show. He reminds me of a male Lucille Ball. Kudos to Partners. Keep up the good work!