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Dracula (1931)
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No doubt influential, but a letdown, 9 April 2009

I will always respect and appreciate Dracula for what its done to cinema. It is very much one of the most influential horror films of all time, but I find it to be the most underwhelming of the Universal Monster titans.

It begins promisingly with a thick, and palpable Gothic atmosphere, entertaining performances and a well told story. But then about half way through something goes wrong.

The budget seems to have dried up out of nowhere and the film becomes incredibly dull and talky. It seems to wonder aimlessly without any indication of where it wants to go. All the dread and fright seemed to be sucked right out of the film. This is by no means the best vampire film of all time, but it is the most important.


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Way better then the overrated Goldfinger., 1 January 2009

Goldfinger is the most popular and beloved Bond. In a way I understand this, but I find it to be one of the weaker films in the entire franchise. The movie lacks the suspense the previous two films had and it lacks the fun and spectacle later entries would show us. Its a dull film all throughout the runtime.

Thunderball is 5 steps above and beyond. It has a great and interesting plot with the big explosive action. Its really the first epic Bond film. Connery nails Bond yet again and gives us his best performance as the character. The Bond girls are both gorgeous and are much more memorable than Pussy Galore (Only famous for the name because she is next to worthless in Goldfinger) and Largo makes a great villain. The cinematography is gorgeous and has some of the best locations in the whole series. Terrance Young milked the tropical setting for all it was worth. Some claim Thunderballs underwater scenes boring. Im baffled by this statement. For a film nearing 50 years old I have yet to see a movie capture underwater photography better. The epic end battle is still exciting to this day and puts most big budget CGI event films to shame.

Great performances, a good plot that thankfully doesn't cross the line into camp, gorgeous locations and classy directing make Thunderball one of the very best Bond films.


Goldfinger (1964)
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Completely overrated., 1 January 2009

I respect Goldfinger for what it did for film and I respect thats its also the most important Bond film as far as formula goes, but I just cant help but feel completely confused by its popularity.

Connery is pretty much the only highlight of the film. Goldfinger lacks the suspense and intrigue Dr. No and From Russia With Love had as well as the well staged action. The plot of Goldfinger, while good on paper, is executed without any type of suspense or build up. Everything just sort of "happens". Goldfinger himself is also highly overrated as a villain. Even the most cartoonish of villains like Scaramanga and Drax feel more threatening than Goldfinger. Another overrated aspect in my eyes is Pussy Galore. Whats so great about her? She does next to nothing the whole film and she is regard as one of, if not the best Bond girl. I guess its just the name.

All in all I find Goldfinger completely un-remarkable. It lacks the suspense and well executed plot of the previous two films and the sheer fun later films had.