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Look for Frozen-2013
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Boy, do I love me some Science Fiction. If half of these get made, I'll be a happy, happy lady.
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You've guessed correctly! This is a list of films that directly correlate to a film set in a time before or after said film! If I don't have a certain title on here-it's probably because I don't care to see it, so please don't comment with 'you missed...' because, no, I really didn't.
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Horror or Thriller Films or Movies....
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As always...not EVERY upcoming animated movie...just the ones I think look neat-ish!
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Not a list of every book/play/epic poem they've decided needs to be on film...just the ones I find particularly interesting. :)

I've included some children's books, but I've got a separate list for Young Adult titles.
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These are all based on comics that are neither DC nor separate lists for each of those.
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This list includes everything from video games to board games to toys to role-playing games. Enjoy.
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Angels & Demons & Gods & Devils
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There is also a pirate TV show in the works titled 'Port Royal' which I will add as soon as it comes up on IMDB. :)
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