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Bad Guy (2001)
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A reality few people want to believe ..., 26 February 2007

This film could probably not have been made in the US without severely damaging the reputation of the producer on the grounds of political incorrectness. Further, my impression is that practically no reviewers recognize what is really going on here. It is about the psychological transformation of a very conservative, and somewhat shy woman, into what in the US we would hypocritically call a slut, i.e., a woman who wants sex and is not averse to using it to make a living as only a woman can. The movie also highlights a key fact about female psychology: nice guys come in last. Of course, women universally deny this, but it is nonetheless true. The only nice guy in the movie, the woman's former boyfriend, doesn't even get sex, he just gets beaten up. Further, the Bad Guy, the guy who forces this woman into prostitution, is in the end precisely the guy she chooses to be with! Sex, which was initially foisted upon a woman who resisted ferociously, effects a transformation. The woman who exists at the beginning of the movie is completely gone at the end, and it is the kind of transformation that can happen only to a woman. The politically correct and highly Christianized society of the West, especially in the US, does not like to acknowledge that women have it in them to change in the manner depicted in the film. It is too threatening to their world view. And that is the greatness of this film: it's honesty about men and women, and an in-your-face courage to face the truth. The story is not perfect, but it is the only one I know of that has the courage to state the truth about these things, and on the whole it's merits greatly outweigh it's flaws. See this movie if you want enlightenment, but be prepared to have your boat rocked if you're the kind of person who prefers to live in a fantasy world of niceness and Christian piety.