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Low budget, interesting story, 19 March 2011

This film is clearly not one for those who are looking for a high paced action movie or outrageous comedy. However if you are a fan of story driven, intellectual films, like Donnie Darko for example, it may be right up your alley. It actually reminded me a lot of Twelve Angry Men, the entire film takes place basically in one room and you have one person trying to convince a group of others of a story, gradually they begin turning to his side. While this may not be an exciting thriller and the acting / filming leaves something to be desired, it does tell an interesting story and even includes a plot twist. The film does bring up some religious issues that may bother some viewers, however if you look at it with an open mind I think this can still be interesting to those people.

Spanglish (2004)
Almost perfect, 21 May 2005

I just finished watching this film and must say that over all I really liked it. However... I must say I really couldn't stand Sarah Steel's (Bernice) acting. She felt way too posh and really seamed to be overacting. I hate to say that since she's from around my area and I should be rooting for the home team. I love Adam Sandler but was starting to get tired of his humor. I was happy to see not a sign of Billy Madison here, he was great. I've always been a Tea Leoni fan but is it me or did she look about 10 years older than she is in this? The last couple lines of the film (said by Cristina narrating) confused me. I would highly recommend this film to anyone though.

why so much gore??, 16 January 2004

I know many people here seem to think of Tarantino as a god amongst directors. Kill Bill would be pretty good in my book if it weren't for two things he always does. The first is that he always seems to put music in a scene where it doesn't fit. Certain types of music work in certain scenes and other types do not. I can live with it though because he's "an artist". It just seems like he tries too hard to make it artsy. But what kills me the most (no pun intended) is that his movies, this one in particular, just end up being a huge blood-fest. Half of this movie doesn't even need to be in colour, it could have been monochrome red and it'd look the same. I would like to say that Production IG did an awesome job with the anime sequence, even though it was just as gory as the rest.

Screwed (2000)
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Amazingly funny!, 17 March 2002

I just finished watching this movie and felt I should write a comment about it, which I've never done before. For much of this movie I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. Once or twice I noticed something that didn't makes sense, like in one scene the main characters steal a police car and start it without having keys. But a few seconds later they would do something so funny I just forgot all about it. I would recommend this farce to any of my friends, in fact I'm going to go do that right now.