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2 thumbs up!, 24 February 2007

I must say this has got to be one of my favorite shows! I think they are doing a very good job with each show's concept! They picked the perfect actors and actresses to play these roles, and they are so good at it! I adore every single character on here. Each character has their own conflicts that are very interesting! From the Dad encountering multiple problems as a cop, to the Mom working with different patients and helping the out, or from Cassie and Charles developing relationship to the problems with Cassie's experiences with the outside world. Or from Lizzie's best friend problem to Tay's standing up for himself problem. I mean, it's just so very enticing! I applaud the people who made this show!!! There's not one day I don't look forward to seeing the next episode! I love that it appeals to a wide variety of age range audiences! Seems like anyone can relate to it! I have to give this 2 thumbs up!

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How Pathetic! :(, 24 February 2007

First off, I just want to say, the directing of this movie was absolutely agitating! I literally wanted to scream my head off! I did not understand how they made Tess obsess over this one woman who she hadn't even known very long. In the 1992 film, the story had scenes in which you could see their friendship progressing in a timely manner that made sense. But in this 2005 film, everything was rushed along awfully. The beginning, the middle, and the end were terrible! Certain scenes made no sense whatsoever. All of their acting was pathetic. The movie was much too obvious on what they were leading into. This movie was lacking everything! I couldn't really feel the characters that the actors and actresses were portraying as, they just didn't bring there all, and if they did, then they need better acting lessons! And Todd Babcock, oh don't get me started on him! He seems really quite conceded! He tried to look too "good" or "handsome". He did not act out his role well, as did not the other actors and actresses. Whoever wrote and directed Single White Female 2: the psycho, should get banned from making another movie! Sorry to say, but it was CRAPPY and a waste of time to make! I give 2 thumbs up to Part 1 of Single White Female. Both thumbs down to this junk!