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Brilliant, 30 September 2005

An incredible mix of gut-curdling suspense, blacker than black humor and cosmic absurdity.

Terrific performances by all the principles although Sterling Hayden and especially Peter Sellers deserve special mention. The scenes with the two of them in the crazed Hayden's control room are each masterpieces.

One of the best anti-war films ever made and still terrifying and funny as hell today.

I am a huge Kubrick admirer and I think this might be his very best film.

Last Night (1998/I)
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Haunting and Lovely, 23 July 2005

I found LAST NIGHT quite thought-provoking and moving the first time I saw it and its impact on me has only grown over time. This is an amazingly sophisticated and well-executed film for a first-time director. What I find thrilling about it is both the fine balance it finds between ideas and emotional resonance and its sense of tonal unity and control. The images and music have stayed with me for years. Despite the melancholic events of the story and the sense of loss that permeates the film (after all, we are talking about the end of the world here), a mordant sense of humour and finally a romantic, optimistic heart leavens the story's darkness, without pushing the movie into cheap sentimentality or melodrama (Armageddon, anyone?). All this and only one of the most memorable closing images in modern film! Seek it out. It's worth it.