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"MacGyver" (2016)
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Tiresome beyond belief., 23 September 2016

If you were going to produce a show that was as uninteresting as say, Hawaii Five O, you could not do any better than this mess. The frenetic action is almost laughable in as much as the the completely unknown pig eyed hero "star" has absolutely none of the grace of the original Richard Dean Anderson. Sometimes no matter how much money one spends the result may still be crap. Poorly directed, poorly written, it is a total mess. Don't waste your time. It will, I predict, not last more than a season. Boring beyond belief. I suggest you turn your attention to British cop shows. At least they know how to develop a character. I think it's sad that George Eads thought he would do better here than with CSI ...... An astonishing miscalculation on his part.

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The worlds most glaring plot hole, 9 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While a bit slow and mildly interesting this particular Trevor Eve "staring off into space while not saying anything" offering features one of the most glaring plot holes I have ever experienced...... In the second episode we discover that the female kidnap victim has been released at a bargain price, after being stolen from another set of two bit kidnappers, essentially to get access to her husbands formula for an anti-obesity drug worth billions.

While this apparently takes too long for the professional kidnappers, they proceed to kidnap the daughter of the original victim to force the husband of the returned victim to reveal the formula....... What??

Why not simply kidnap the weak willed sissy of a husband? .... Why involve anyone else at all?? .... It is clearly apparent that anyone the least bit skilled in interrogation cold turn the punk husband in about two hours...... After all, the pros consisted of experienced international mercenaries supposedly...... I couldn't get by this particular glaring bit of story line and it definitely colored my appreciation for the entire thing.

If one cannot accept the premise, one cannot accept the punchline.

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I object to reviews with vested interests, 11 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, this is an excellent show. It is every bit as good as the last kingdom or the Vikings from history channel due to the fact that it is not about large historical battles or historical characters who, in actuality we generally know little about factually anyway from those times. It is character driven which may be the problem for all those delusional fantasists that like to dress up like vikings or play games involving them. The sad thing is that there are so many reviews that are so obviously nonsense by people who, regardless of their date of joining, have never reviewed anything else, ever before. Don't you find that strange? I am incredibly offended by these nebulous shills, who for reasons of their own, are either paid or otherwise compelled to give a show a bad review. Don't you find it strange that someone from Turkey or Belgium who joined six or seven years ago makes a bad review in 2015 of this one show? I would warn those who read these reviews to beware of those types of reviews. Generally speaking I completely disregard single reviewers and I hope you do as well. Watch it, make up your own minds. Hollywood is a cutthroat place as you all know. Jealousies run rampant. It's taken me five episodes to realize that this is truly a love story. While I do love the combat and machinations of the devious political elements involved the fact that it's turning out to be a possible love story sort of thrills me, I did not expect it. Sagall is superior. Hardly recognizable physically from previous roles. It is worth it just to watch the witch.

"Zoo" (2015)
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Unbelievable, 30 June 2015

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This must clearly be a manifestation of some bizarre hunting son of a bitch because it is was fairly clear that this was a fantasy that would never exist in the real world, even as a contrived fiction. Killing the lions, at the shock event, would be relatively easy, even if they were crawling allover, or acting in any other bizarre manner, all over the jeep. What I was most nonplussed about was the fact that our hero, presumably, missed a shot at less than 100 feet. He would have to be the worst, most inept shot in the world. I am uninterested in the nonsense that these people are presenting and will watch something else as a result. Apparently I don't have enough lines in my review to be acceptable. I will say, I+ was particularly annoyed by the addition of the foreign woman with the annoying accent. Didn't see the need for it or for her other than to appeal to those jerks that need a Girl with a dragon tattoo fix. This may be the most morally offensive show I have had the misfortune to see, with the exception of combat footage of the Vietnam conflict.

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Can't stand this show, 30 June 2015

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If this episode doesn't demonstrate the flaws in these characters as written or the author's nonsensical representation of real police officers, I really don't know what else could. I was actually so nonplussed by this episode that I've decided to stop watching this tripe altogether. Just for instance, after the criminal cuts the throat of a child on a train platform and after countless murders and tortures, Olivia still doesn't shoot him even though he is holding Elliot as a hostage, even when there is clearly two and a half feet of his body above Elliot for a clear shot. As well, Elliot, a former marine, makes no attempt to spin on the gun, incredibly poorly handled by the criminal, even though it is dancing around on his shoulder. Another reviewer already mentioned the incredible melodrama that wracks this show and I have to agree. It is a cartoon of the manner and procedures implemented by real police and I can only wonder at the laughter that this nonsense provokes whenever real cops watch this stuff. It is as if they think we'll go for any kind of Hollywood soap opera as long as in the last few minutes the characters are all saved by the nameless sharpshooter at the end. What bushwah.

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Excellent offering, 8 April 2013

This is clearly a wonderful piece of work with very precise character development that is lacking in many current productions that have a lot more money to work with. There is a boatload of really skilled actors, a great writer/director, a story with motives slowly and carefully revealed and a beautiful location. As well it is a clever detective story. What more could you want. All the characters seem like real people in that they have all suffered or struggled in some way and are quite imperfect and have all wound in the same place. Really worth a look if you like good stories by professionals who get to tell the story the way they want.

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great except for the ridiculous ending, 22 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The reason I gave this a 1 is simply that I will not be ripped off even if 99% of an offering is fabulous. One reviewer(MagicStarfire) even goofily indicated a plot hole in the reason Teddy murders Mony claiming it resulted after the inebriated explanation by Mony concerning the lawyers first visit. All that means is the reviewer didn't understand or listen to the actual conversation between the two in so far as Mony clearly was UNclear and made it sound as if she was leaving her money to her family(sister in this case) NOT Teddy. Teddy understandably misunderstood her ramblings. Some fans need to pay attention more attentively. In any event the real "Grand Canyon" of all plot holes is the fact that after he is exposed and escapes the house he jumps into his car and takes off only to find the road blocked by the lawyers car pointing toward the house and the sister's car(on which he had just cut the hydraulic brakes which will not fail immediately folks, by the way, explaining why she was able to stop on the flat straight roadway just 100 feet from the house) pointing away from the house. So what does he do? Does he get into the lawyers car and backup and turn that car and continue to jumps into the car he just tampered with and drives down a steep hill on which he will surely pump out the rest of his brake fluid and crash.........ridiculous for a number of reasons. He is clearly an expert mechanic. He was no longer in a panic if he ever actually was. He was a standard sociopath and clearly not suicidal. He was clearly familiar with those three vehicles and knew which was which and whose was whose. We were ripped off by this contrived ending and I object to it most strenuously. It was almost as bad as ordering a hot fudge sundae with everything and finding out it was made with low fat yogurt. If Teddy were hanged or got away in the lawyers car or joined the navy or murdered everyone in the house, it would have been a perfect movie.

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Spell derivative, 21 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's see.....the phantom who only gets caught when he wants to and can cut down armed police and prison guards who are trained to handle the extremely violent, like wheat. The monster with a personal and alarming relationship with his captor. A monster who unlike the very plain and uninteresting real life serial killers we know of, is a tenured and inspiring college professor. The physically and/or mentally handicapped crusader who is re-called because he is the only person in an entire population of professional criminal hunters who can re-capture the monster.......flashbacks......oh, Jesus god......flashbacks......are clearly the story telling technique most beloved of Satan. And lest we forget the re-kidnapped sole survivor/witness, of course, who may or may not survive, who in this version, does not survive because of course, as we all know, the police can never protect anyone. The younger prickly, irritated associate investigator, the accommodating and deferring young acolyte investigator who wants to learn........and on and on and on. The only person missing so far is the surly senior officer who constantly scolds our hero but wait, this is only the first episode. The most satisfying part of the show oddly was the flashback of the original shooting and presumed capture of the maniac. The second best was the gratuitous breaking of the maniac's fingers by our hero although the maniac didn't seem bothered by that as much as I would have liked. I am a big proponent of the breaking of maniac fingers by the way.

Even though the best crime stories have an element of truth to them just like the best legends and myths, in this we are asked to believe in a creature that is a mix of edgar allen poe, jim jones, and lepke buchalter or albert anatasia if you prefer, with an added dash of Bundy for lack of anyone else with an advanced education to model the professor aspect of the maniac's character. Interestingly, he is not a doctor or psychiatrist which the writer's probably avoided for obvious reasons. If you were going to try to realize such a person it probably would have been better to go with someone raised in a school run by Nazis. At least there is no right wing religious implications so far, thank goodness or badness or whatever. There is also the obvious insult to policemen everywhere which we won't bother to pursue here. All in all, the word derivative came into and stuck in my mind like some pernicious intrusive thought that would not be pushed aside. I hope it gets better but I think for instance, like our hero's heart trouble, it will become tiresome before too long and there is always the danger that the writers will run out of everyone else's ideas anyway.

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Just awful, 28 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What more can I say about this travesty? The only reason I started to watch this drivel was because of the fairly good cast. Good actors all in other movies and TV shows. However, in this they are wasted. It just goes to show that even with qualified, trained, experienced, talented actors, if the words, direction, art direction, special effects, editing etc aren't there, nothing can save the movie. I'd like to point out here that these people had good producers, a good editor and everything else one might expect to make a good movie except a writer and a director so the blame has to lie with them. Lyon, the director, really is just a hack and has a string of just terrible efforts to his name. The writer, Keith Allan is most likely guilty of having too many irons in the fire. I suppose that might explain it but there is also the possibility that it is all the director, at least in this case. As an example, I give you a large caliber semi-automatic handgun in contact with the neck of a zombie, the gun goes off or at least we here the noise of the gun going off but it doesn't re-cycle and it produces no hole in the neck of the zombie. Sort of like a kid with a toy gun yelling "bang bang" with no other effect other than the zombie falling down. I actually laughed at the zombies that clearly had on masks instead of make-up as well.I could go on and on about the plot holes and illogical actions the story had the actors engaged in but it would just be a waste of your time and mine. It really and truly is something to avoid unless one enjoys seeing how awful something can be and still get produced. It wouldn't have been so bad if it were tongue in cheek or had some humorous bits or something but it took itself oh so seriously. I do feel bad for the actors because when they are working they have no idea generally that the thing is going to turn out so badly I'm sure. I guess they really needed the money or they thought the same thing anyone else would have thought; that someone would really have to be inept or crazy to waste a talent pool like this thing had.

Lost Magic Decoded (2012) (TV)
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please, spare me., 19 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Normally, I would have found this show to be excellent just for the history lessons on magic alone (the magic teapot was well done) but when the focus shifted to the bullet catch segment I became mildly irritated. Is the bullet catch dangerous? of course! However, the previous presenters of this illusion, the dead ones anyway, were done in by errors, cruder ballistics and unreliable assistance and/or actual interference. While there was risk involved here as well, Cohen benefited from a much more simplistic method, much improved technology and much more trustworthy assistance or collaboration.

The first thing I noticed in the test firing of the gun was the failure of the weapon to blow back the slide on most of the shots indicating either a very, very dirty and/or malfunctioning gun (which I reject) or very underpowered ammunition (which makes more sense to me) The purpose of which was to slow down and limit the penetrating power of the bullet when shot through the glass into Cohen's bulletproof underwear, shirt, vest or whatever combination of bulletproof clothing he was wearing. The shooter was never supposed to actually fire at his mouth but was supposed to hit him in the chest which is why he clearly developed the precise type of severe bruising one receives when shot while wearing modern bulletproof clothing. Broken flying glass would never cause the type of injury he sustained. Bear in mind that even now the U.S. army is purchasing bulletproof underwear for our troops to limit shrapnel wounds. As well, one can buy bulletproof suits, button down shirts, undershirts etc of varying degrees of protection from many different sources. Already having a marked bullet in his mouth identical to the one loaded into the gun is just basic magic 101.

Just ask yourself if he would actually have allowed someone (no matter how good a shot) to shoot a fully charged 9mm bullet from twenty feet away at his mouth. Of course not. For these reasons, I do object to the amateurish manner in which the trick was done. There really is no mystery here.

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