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Le orme (1975)
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Low-key psychological sci-fi thriller with some nice footage., 2 July 2002

Alice (Florinda Bolkan), a translator living in Italy, discovers that she has a memory loss and can't recall the last couple of days. She starts to follow a trace of memory fragments, which leads her to the small town of Garma. People in the town seem to recognize her and she's beginning to suspect that the re-occurring nightmares of astronauts conducting horrible experiments has something to do with her own amnesia.

The movie is interesting and the plot is good, but it's a bit to slow moving and arty for my taste. The plot takes some nice twists and it's really hard to figure out where it's heading. Florinda Bolkan is good in her role (but even better in "Flavia the Heretic") and it's always nice to see "star" child actor Nocoletta Elmi. Klaus Kinski's role is too small though. This is not a movie for the die-hard gore hound or exploitation addict, but still a very nice hour-and-a-half mystery.

Blå måndag (2001) (V)
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A fantastic, gory b action flick with an all-star cast!, 26 June 2002

Leo and Roger, a couple of small-time criminals, plan a bank robbery. Roger, the more submissive of the two falls in love with Eva who works at the bank they're about to rob. They decide to take her in on the robbery along with a bunch of other people. Things doesn't go as well as they planned and the pile of dead bodies grows as they approach the day of the hit...

This is a gory, twisted b movie with bad script, sound, lightning and editing. But still (or because of that) it's a blast! What makes this flick so damn interesting? Well, I can give you some examples:

- Eva, the cancer sick, bald bank cashier, is played by Eva Röse! She was titled `Sexiest woman in Sweden' a couple of years ago and she's an extremely well known and respected actress with the Royal Theatre in Stockholm. The salary for a theatrical actress in Sweden is so low that she has to take all roles she gets in order to survive! It's the only explanation I can think of...

- Göran Gillinger (Leo) is a real idol among Swedish teenage girls (we're talking n'sync) and he usually plays sweet and nice characters that you fall in love with. In this one he's a cold-hearted killer!

- Anki, the extremely annoying white-trash girlfriend of Jose is played by Linda Ulveus, the daughter of Björn Ulveus and Agnetha Fältskog from ABBA!

- The crazy killer Jose (who wants to snuff everyone) is played by a respected Raï musician.

- One of the shoplifters at Skärholmens Loppmarknad is played by Mackan from the popular Swedish hip-hop group "Fattaru".

- There are some scenes that are meant to be humorous and some that are extremely serious. I can't always tell which...

- The FX is really good! All murders are really messy and well made.

- The disposal of the bodies using a meat grinder is pretty much stolen directly from "Fargo".

- I'm pretty sure everyone involved in this movie are trying to cover it up. It's hard to get hold of a copy so the distribution must have been stopped!

This movie can be compared to "Hjärta av Sten" or "Farligt förflutet", a couple of Swedish b action flicks released two years ago. But this one is far more interesting than both of them! If there had been some (female) nudity and sex in it, it would have been the best Swedish exploitation feature ever made! My recommendation: GET A COPY OF THIS ONE! It will be a cult move, I promise, and your copy will be worth its weight in gold in the future!

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Torgny Wickman is back with another twisted `sexomentary'!, 22 June 2002

A group of experts discuss sex and relations. Different couples demonstrate and have sex in various ways under guidance of a sex therapist. The famous Swedish lawyer Leif Silbersky talks about rape and how to interpret the law on sexual abuse.

This `movie' is a really good way to find out just how sick the early seventies really was and it will also give you an excellent insight into the `Swedish sin'. The part with the communistic collective and their sex habits and partner swapping is extremely amusing! Thank god I wasn't born back then! This is the third and last in the `Love' series.

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A witch and some Varadluks at the Yugoslavian countryside!, 22 June 2002

Nicolas is found wandering aimlessly at a beach and is taken to a hospital where his horrific story is told through flashbacks; He have a car accident in the Yugoslavian countryside and finds a house where he gets shelter for the night. He hears strange noises during the night and in the morning he's told about the witch that lives in the forest. The witch killed Yorga's borther (Yorga is the father in the family he stays with) and the brother came back at exactly 6 pm the next day, transformed into a Vardaluk (some sort of zombie). Nikolas falls in love with Sdenka, Yorga's daughter, and stays with the family. Yorga decides to confront the witch and his son Jovan is prepared for the worst. Just like Jovan feared Yorga returns the next day at 6 pm precise and a lot of really bad things starts to happen.

This is an interesting movie with a good story, scary music and nice sets but it is a bit to slow moving. The flashback-to-present way of telling the story is pretty effective. There are some memorable scenes like the torture fantasies in the beginning and when Helene's fingers are cut of by Nicolas' car door. There are some nudity and sex. The twist ending is great! Some curiosity: The good-looking Agostina Bella (Sdenka) plays the jealous chambermaid in Ivanna. I give this one 7/10.

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Semi-interesting Swedish sexploitation with Stellan Skarsgård, 22 June 2002

An English couple travels in the Swedish countryside. They run out of money and decides to crash a house. A series of events of sex, deception and blackmail occurs as they try to prolong their unwelcome stay in the big house.

Torgny (the director) seem to want an awful lot with this movie, but it's virtually impossible to keep up the interest with all logical gaps, bleak characters and bad acting. But still, it's a Swedish exploitation move with a young Stellan Skarsgård so it's definitely worth checking out!

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Unusually un-exploitive and mild nazisploitation a' la Salon Kitty, 22 June 2002

Elsa Ackerman is ordered by the SS to arrange a bordello on a train at the frontlines to keep up the morale among the German officers. The real reason is (of course) to spy on them to find traitors. It is an effective method and a lot of traitors are executed. When Franz, Elsa's boyfriend, is stationed on the train as an interpreter, things starts to go wrong. He falls in love with Liselotte, a spy for `La Resistance' and she convinces him to join them.

This Salon Kitty spin-off is pretty forgettable. The story is bleak and the ending is so sudden that I almost missed it. Elsa is good-looking and nicely evil, but her good properties is wasted in this far to mild flick. There are some memorable scenes though, for example when Elsa and Franz have s&m sex (boot licking) and when Elsa seduces a 20 year old virgin and then executes him. Notable is also that there's NO shower scene! Malisa Longo (Elsa) is also in Salon Kitty and Ilsa she-wolf of the SS. If you feel the need to see a nazisploitation flick (like I usually do) I'd recommend Red nights of the Gestapo, Gestapo's last orgy or Salon Kitty instead. Remember that even a bad nzispolitation is better than most movies!

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A piece of 19th century gothic murder mystery, 24 January 2002

Ivana, a chemist, is hired by Baron Janos Dolmer to work in his secret laboratory in his big castle. The castle is located outside a small village, in which a series of brutal murders of young women has been committed. The townspeople all suspect Janos and his big doberman dogs (or is it rotweilers?). Ivana moves into the castle and pretty soon strange things starts to happen. Nobody of Janos' staff seems to want her around, her drink gets spiked and she has nightmares of a torture chamber in the cellar. Or is it really a dream? Janos himself is a bit suspicious, and the experiment he wants Ivana to participate in is far from normal.

It's quiet a good plot, and the characters are interesting. There are some logical gaps and the `scientific' discussions held between Ivana and Janos are laughable. The castle is beautiful and the atmosphere in the movie is very gothic. The flick features some nudity and sex.

I'd give this one a 6 out of 10. I'd recommend `La plus longue nuit du diable' by Jean Brismée instead if you're looking for an excellent 70's gothic horror movie.

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Jess Franco's Emanuelle isn't the same as Massaccesi's..., 24 January 2002

Emanuelle is a successful pianist that is kept imprisoned by her jealous husband. She's murdered and an investigation is engaged. Emanuelle's lover is suspected for the murder and is forced to find the murderer himself. It's a nice twist ending.

This is actually a murder mystery with just a few sex scenes thrown in. As a triangle drama it's quite good with passion and hate, but as an Emanuelle flick it just doesn't deliver. I wouldn't say this is a typical Jess Franco flick. There are some scenes that give him away though, for example the scene at the bar with the red light and strange disco music and of course Lina Romay (Franco's wife) as Greta, Gordon's jealous and manipulating sister. There are some lesbian scenes that are pretty explicit. I'd give this one 6 out of 10. I'd recommend a Massaccesi Emanuelle flick instead, for example `Emanuelle and the White Slavetrade'.