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A great show for all romantics., 8 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this movie. But then again I just watch a movie to be entertained and get away from daily life, I do like a bit of a "dreamworld" to come out and help you with that, whether it's to be wowed or I watch to be entertained and scared witless or cry with laughter..

I am not one of the "pseudo-critics" that have to trash every movie I watch just because they didn't understand the message or just plainly didn't understand. Lets take {Poordeadking} on 3 November 2009 that commented on this movie as an example. I just wonder... did he/she really watch it at all? Never-mind I never really listen to a flat-out Victorian follower's comment even if they might have some substance. Just because the actor/character comes home with a child... does that mean that he is aiming for a love-affair with a child? If that is what the meaning of that comment is then the commenter just have a sick imagination or suffers from suppressed darker/twisted needs to be fulfilled. With that I mean that looking at everything from the darker side of life.

I quote: "You fell in love with a little boy? And then what, you just decided he was your son? What made the people behind The Rebound think this is acceptable, or believable?" end of quote.

I guess that - for example Angelina Jolie and Madonna, find and fall in love with a child there are darker motives behind their actions. I can only assume that's what Poordeadking means. But he or she doesn't like anything that he/she have commented on so far anyways. If its not bound in "true reality" like one of the seven wonders of the world of television that comes from Great Britain as Emmerdale Farm, Coronation Street or Doctor Who then I guess it's not worth watching. I suggest that the shows/movies all you berates... don't look then, turn it off leave the theatre etc. There must be some really bitter old souls that thrives in giving out a dozen negatives for every positive. Get a life.

As I earlier said I love a good movie for what it is, an escape from our sometimes boring and dull life.

Alas I do have to admit that I must admit to agree with Poordeadking on one point. I too encourage people to go and see this movie. It's a good one.

Lucky Luke (1991)
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One of my fav Terence Hill movies., 23 August 2009

I don’t really understand all the negative comments about this movie. First off, how do you expect to make a serious impression out of a comic book that didn't even take itself serious? This movie is not to be taken serious, it’s a comedy. (com•e•dy n. pl. com•e•dies 1. a. A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict. b. The genre made up of such works.

2. A literary or cinematic work of a comic nature or that uses the themes or methods of comedy. 3. Popular entertainment composed of jokes, satire, or humorous performance. 4. The art of composing or performing comedy. 5. A humorous element of life or literature: the human comedy of political campaigns. 6. A humorous occurrence.)

I read all of Morris and Goscinny’s work when they were at their best. In addition, there was always with a twinkle in their eyes creating this hero what he is today.

IMHO Terence Hill makes a great job capturing that from the comic books and here for those that think Morris made a mistake. (All the movies he was in had an angle with tongue-in-cheek perspective). Why would they continue their collaboration if he (Morris) had not approved of Terence Hill and the screen writing. Terence Hill doesn’t take himself to serious and that shows in his movies. No cussing or questionable “nude” scenes, just pure good old fashion fun. As a movie buff I enjoy a good movie and I don’t judge how and who and why this and that is awful or faithful to whatever the source of a movie. I watch a movie to be entertained without to have to dissect every move or scene I see. This one is great, full of humour and with a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Life’s too short to grumble about how bad this is etc. Enjoy the show, grab a bag of popcorn and kick back in your favourite chair or couch and just have fun.