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Here are a list of the Disney Movies that contain a spine number.
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These are movies that appear on TV time and again and I just can't switch them off even though I have them on DVD.
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BAFTA Best Picture Awards 1947 onwards
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Some movies stand out for their unusualness/uniqueness.

What other movies do you think qualify?
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Live Action movies only - No animation or TV.
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It really bugs me when good movies are never released on Region 2 DVD when a lot of tripe is being released on Blu-Ray.
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A chronological list of all the Best Picture Oscars from present back to 1928 including some interesting facts.
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Some little girls get all the best parts in horror movies. Makes you wonder how they turn out normal.
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I recently got some Disney Pixar slip covers from Disney Movie Rewards and noticed that they now have spine numbers. I've also included future releases and will update when more news arrives.
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A list of Shakespeare movies that should save you reading the books. I haven't included 'Throne Of Blood' or 'Ran' as they are not in English. I also haven't included adaptations like 'West Side Story' or '10 Things I Hate About You' as they don't include original Shakespeare cast.
I have included 'Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead' because you should really see it.
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Here is a list of the shows I have binge watched. The top 3 are a must watch first, the rest in no particular order. All available to watch when subscribed to Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video.
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or twice to see why you didn't see the twist all along.

List is in progress added as I remember them.
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