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The Walking Dead (2010– )
if u like zombie flicks and don't like this there's something wrong with you
8 January 2014
seen some really negative comments on here about TWD, i don't know what people who like zombie flicks expect from a 45 or whatever minute show, if a zombie apocalypse happened this is what the aftermath would be, food runs, people dying left right and centre, lawlessness, people thinking they know best for everyone, hell there don't even have to be an apocalypse this stuff happens in the world as we speak! so when i see comments like "its stupid" or "i usually like zombie flicks but" it makes me wonder what don't u like? the fact u get to know more about these characters than any other zombie outing I've ever seen? and to say its another lost is ridiculous as well, I've got 5 people to start watching lost from all ranges, my aunt, best friend, a girl i know, and others and as soon as i show them 2 episodes they are hooked and i mean hooked, I've never seen a TV show do that to so many different demographics as this, something for everyone, romance, hostility within group, family, the constant threat of death, finding food, other groups its amazing, but hey thats just me, oh actually its not its millions of us check the facebook page, we cant all be wrong. i say again if you like zombie flicks and don't like this there's something wrong with you because people I've shown this too don't like zombie stuff yet they are now hooked, give them a normal zombie movie they wont wanna know but there's something special in this and i hope they go till season 20 as long as its still entertaining and fresh.
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RED 2 (2013)
More of the same thank you and roll on red 3
13 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I loved red, why? well the characters, i cared about them and with a cast as skilled and as fluid as this one its no surprise, most of the action films nowadays just fail, but here we have a cast of actual characters with characteristics, personalities but still they are the professional assassins they have always been, compared with other movies this wins, I've watched it 3 time, action is good, hopkins was sheer class and he outsmarts the lot of them (almost) have read a lot of negative reviews about this movie and i don't get it, marv single handedly is one of the funniest characters there and they all play off each other perfectly, even the guy that infatuated with helens mirrens character makes me laugh, a lot of films nowadays are so plastic when it comes to characters its unreal, but thats what make the great actors different from the rest, and bruce willis does what he does best, get out of near death situations, I've seen someone put expendables vs red in the comments bit, for me its red every time and the best ever getting into a car scene you'll ever see! and finally to those who want drama watch a series this is action popcorn flick and it does exactly what it says on the tin, these younger actors have got big shoes to fill and judging by this they ain't up to the job give me this cast anyday! roll on red 3!!!!!!!!!
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2 Guns (2013)
Why i think a lot of movies are getting bad reviews including this one
13 November 2013
I think there's a lot of people out there who because they don't like particular actors they rate a film as garbage or whatever, im seeing a lot of anti mark wahlberg stuff here, thing is this isn't about rating ur favorite actors its about rating a film and their performance in it so when i see people slating this film i gatta ask........why? if you don't like an actor to the point of even if a film is good you're gonna slate it anyway i suggest you don't watch the movie, when i review a movies personalities don't enter my mind its the performances that i consider and i consider this movie at least an 7 at ther very LEAST it wont win originality awards but they bounced off each other really well so for those hating on wahlberg or washington i think don't get the jist of what were supposed to be doing here. Keep that in mind.
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been waiting years for this........at last
29 October 2013
Ever since i played tekken on the original playstation i was hooked, the ten hit combos, power moves it was all there the best 3d fighting game ever, i used to watch the intro's movies and wonder to myself why don't they make a movie like the intro's as they were mini movies in themselves, tekken 2, 3, 4 and the rest all came with the best intro movies i'd ever seen, now 20 years later and finally, finally i get what im asking for, anyone who played tekken and knows the moves will instantly recognise the special moves each character has, after that disastrous movie which tekken was with its characters that look nothing like the actual game characters i am at last happy, i cant see any tekken fans honestly not liking it, they should use these methods for all game to movie franchises because it works, they don't have to find lookalike actors everything is already spot on, i liked res evil anime too, and final fantasy also as far as im concerned this is the way to go, now all they have to do is make mortal kombat, killer instinct and streetfighter like this and ill be a happy bunny indeed, this is how it should be done, 20 years too late but hey better late than never.
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wow all the movies are bad not just this one
11 December 2012
Look im gonna cut to the chase, when i first played resident evil on my ps1 the first scenes were SCARY, resident evil games are SCARY, this movie is NOT SCARY whatsoever, how can a video game out fright a motion picture? Its not just that though, its like the makers thought hey lets make resident evil matrix style to give it flair, well it doesn't. I don't rate any of the resident evil franchise, i mean the first movie when she's fly kicking a dog, so fake, they should have slowed the pace more and made it more i don't know.........REAL, the video game eats this movie for breakfast, the walking dead eats the whole franchise for breakfast, give me 28 days later anyday. the best part of this whole franchise was the fight with wesker and that was taken from the game itself, what does that tell you?..........EPIC FAIL
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