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Unbelievably funny - The smartest 'dumb' movie I've seen in years, 31 July 2004

The movie is absolutely hilarious. It's light years beyond Dude Where's My Car?, or for that matter any stoner/dumbass flick I've seen in years. This will be a cult comedy classic, one you watch ten times till you know all the words.

How many times do you get to see someone so excited over a giant bag of marijuana that he dances slow-motion in circles with it, then marries it, then bitch-slaps it because it served him bad coffee, then sobs and hugs it, crying, "I love you honey!"? (This is a dream sequence, and uh it's funnier that it sounds.)

Or this description of seeing Katie Holmes topless: "You know the holocaust? It was, like, the complete opposite of that, man!"

Or when a med school admissions officer asks one of the lead characters, who has a perfect score on the MCATs, why he doesn't want to be a doctor. "Just because I'm hung like a moose doesn't mean I have to be a porn star!"

Ees good, thees movie, 26 June 2002

Tom Cruise flees from a justice system he has helped to create, in a futuristic world where guilt is predetermined through the visions of oracle-like "pre-cogs," three vegetative human beings who float in a sensory tank and gasp at their visions of murder. The lurid visions of the pre-cogs are likely, but not certain, to happen; nevertheless, any killer envisioned in a pre-cog dream is determined by the state to be guilty, and punishment for the guilty is indefinite storage in a pod-like enclosure hooked up on mind machines. Sucks. In this movie, Spielberg's usual winks at the audience are less saccharine than usual, in the context of a relentless, fast-paced chase within a claustrophobic society where technology renders escape nearly impossible; the movie is so intense that any laugh is a welcome breath of fresh air. Only reservation: ending feels false, not answering the difficult questions it raises about the uses and abuses of technology. Amazing visuals.