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Gael Garcia Bernal is the George Clooney of Mexico, 19 February 2007

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What a treat. What a story. What a film. This is the kind of film one could watch again and again and never tire. There is so much to see. The scenery, the people, the innocent clumsy motorists. It is a thrill to know that good film making is still happening.

I recommend this to everyone. Each time I watch it I cry and I see something I hadn't noticed previously. I love Motorcycle Diaries and have bought it for my friends. It's a great gift.

I hope to continue to see Gael Garcia Bernal making pictures. The talkies have found their new George Clooney.

Not only is he so true to his characters and the situations but he is absolutely mesmerizing to see on screen. My wife melts at the sight of this guy.

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What a waste of money, 19 February 2007

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Jim Carrey has always been America's favorite comedian actor. From Liar Liar to Dumb and Dumber and The Truman Show. Consistently he is one that gives you all his energy and heart until you as the audience member are left exhausted.

So why did he want to make this crap? Tea Lione is always charming. And they work well together, but the movie has so many faults I had to turn it off and come back to it because it insulted my intelligence. It's not smart. That's the lament way of putting it. There is nothing smart about this script.

I hope to see Jim Carrey in many more films to come but this was a waste of his time as well as his fans' time.

Babel (2006/I)
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Too long, but how mesmerizing., 19 February 2007

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The plot is original and the story is intense. I expected a lot of violence and was pleased to see the sensibility and verity of this film. I've read mixed review on Brad Pitts character and I agree with the ones that hail him as a true actor through and through. It's a breath of fresh air watching him play the non pretty boy or buff role with such candor and vulnerability. I think it's an honest and devastating portrayal of a husband and father trying to keep his family together. I would like to see him continue to shine in these types of roles.

Babel left me with a sense of emptiness that I don't think Inarritu intended. Each situation is made to make you fall into your deepest sensitive spot yet I found myself bored at times and daydreaming because the shots are beautifully pointless. How long can a shot be before it turns from incredible into a self indulgent.

I recommend the film to everyone because of the script. It's surprising and eventful, heart stopping, and adventurous, innocent, and cruel, loving, and inspiring. I give it a 9 out of 10 simply because of the length of time it takes to tell this creative and exploitive tale.

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Mirelly Taylor's performance: tour de force!! Must see Beyond Honor., 19 February 2007

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This is one is tough, I must warn. So much good intention with bad film making intertwined into this film. I think I understand why there is so much passion behind the critics words on their take of Beyond Honor. I don't want to always talk about the main stream critics here judging small underfunded films, but they have a great point to make on this one. The director had no idea what he was doing. It's evident. The only right thing he did was cast a brilliant actress as his lead.

There are scenes that should be handled with much delicacy and care that are instead left to the actress to save. Mirelly Taylor is so stunning in this film as Sahira. She makes you laugh and cry at the same time while showing you the importance of understanding the impudent and cruel nature of other cultures to appreciate what we have here in America. We have the right to choose, and the right to voice our opinions, and the right to sacrifice for the love of our family. I defy anyone to watch this film without falling in love with this actress.

She tears into your soul and you are left with the memory of an innocent young girl stripped of her beauty and spirit. It's an unforgettable tour de force performance.

I recommend you watch and see her for yourself and forgive the film for having a useless director as it's captain.

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Mirelly Taylor - what a performance. Great actress!!, 19 February 2007

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I've seen her go from a sexy Spanish seductress in "Kiss Me Again" and be the best part of that film, to a heart-wrenching Muslim medical student in "Beyond Honor". And to see her playing an Italian mobsters daughter is the icing on the cake. She played her character perfectly. Great casting on this episode all the way around.

This episode was funny and an entertaining night of laughter.

My little girl loves Josh Duhamel and I'm partial to James Caan.

This was a simple tale of a million dollar wedding almost gone wrong. The sets are so elaborate and the wardrobes are straight out of a magazine. I give this episode a 10 out of 10.

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Mirelly Taylor is the only reason to watch this movie!!, 19 February 2007

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I've seen this story already, in many films; and this film isn't a new take or even a better rendition of the threesome saga that filmmakers find fascinating for some reason.

The acting is good and possibly the only reason to watch this film. But, I must say, only one performance sticks out and anyone who's seen it will have to agree. I did some research on the major reviews of the film and the critics seems to agree with me.

Mirelly Taylor stays true and honest to her character. She didn't fall into the trap of playing the foreign Spanish sex kitten that was written for her, which most actresses would have. She plays her with elegance and class. She was the most interesting part of the film and it's too bad they didn't develop her story line even more. I've seen Beyond Honor, her other incredible performance that should put her on the map along side the top young actresses in the United States. That was a heart wrenching character that she portrayed with beauty and strength. It's no surprise she was picked as one of the 30 under 30 of 2006. I look forward to watching her in many great films to come.

Jeremy London's performance is passable. Kathrine Winniks' pouting and constant melodrama is at times laughable. But I will defend her dedication to the melodramatics; they may be the fault of the direction or the writing. Elisa Donovan is always so cute to watch even when she plays a bitch of a lesbian.

All in all, film doesn't pass, but the actors do a good job at saving the film from what was inevitably going to be an un-sexy rendition of a better film: Dreamers.