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The Guest (2014/I)
Good Start but Bad finish, 22 November 2014

I am mystified by the high score for this movie. It starts off well enough when David shows up at the door of a suburban home and tells mommie dearest that he has just walked from the bus station and is delivering a promise to the family that he loved them all very much in the last moments of his life during combat in the Middle East. Of course, David happened to be his best friend in the military. Mom invites the stranger to stay at the house with her and hubby and teen son and hot blonde daughter. Strange and bad things happen to many people; some with severe violence. The first hour is silly but entertaining, nonetheless. The problem is the last twenty minutes or so where The Guest turns into an episode of the A Team. The acting is TV movie level and the ending pretty much ruins the whole thing.

Bill Murray Rules, 15 November 2014

Bill Murray is the main reason to watch St. Vincent. He is Vincent; a hard drinking, compulsive gambling, and cynical, foul mouthed son of bitch as you have ever seen. Along comes a neighbor with a little boy who is struggling as a single mother when their paths cross. Although predictable and overly sentimental, I was still able to get lost in the relationship between Vince and the kid. He takes him to a bar and race track and along the way teaches him to defend himself. Melissa McCarthy is sympathetic as the mom and Naomi Watts provides comic relief in her role as a Russian hooker. The writing is crisp and I love the use of Brooklyn, New York for its gritty backdrop. One of the ten best films of 2014.

The Turning (2013/I)
Australian Tree of Life, 8 November 2014

This film has the look and feel of Tree of Life. Moments of beautiful imagery, mixed with numerous ponderous scenes for an overlong three hours, makes wonder why it wasn't edited better. Seventeen separate movies ranging from ten to fifteen minutes make up the one hundred and eighty minutes. The beach is a recurring theme throughout, with frequent narration with contemplative music in the background. The storyline is simply the harshness of everyday life, told with a realistic and mundane tone. There are no happy endings at anytime; just a gritty seriousness with very little humor thrown in, with the exception of Kate Blanchett and a swimming pool at Christmas. Otherwise, this is a long and depressing ride. The acting is superb, but the length is a definite drawback in what could have been a contender.

Killers (2014)
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Dark and Interesting, 1 November 2014

Two men from different cultures, a journalist investigating a corrupt rich man in Jakarta, and a banker turned serial killer from Tokyo meet in a chat room and form an unholy alliance. The Japanese man abducts and tortures women on camera and uploads them on to the internet. The Indonesian writer becomes fascinated by the videos, and through a series of events becomes a killer himself. The movie switches back and forth between the two characters in a fairly seamless fashion. The acting is excellent, with vivid camera work, but be warned of some explicit and bloody violence. It runs a bit too long at two hours and eighteen minutes, but I still recommend Killers as one of the better films of 2014.

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Nothing New, 25 October 2014

This is sort of a remake of a 1976 film of the same title. A killer wearing a burlap hood kills couples making out in lovers lanes. Clips from the original movie are used throughout the 2014 version. A college age girl, played well by Addison Tomlin, is about to get her groove on with her boyfriend when the masked man appears and puts a quick end to the romantic evening. She escapes and transforms into Nancy Drew, super detective. Besides living with grandma, our young heroine does not seem to have a job. In lieu of employment, the lady assists the Texas and Arkansas Rangers in solving this mystery. Other than above average cinematography and a decent performance by Ms. Tomlin in the lead, a silly ending ruins The Town that Dreaded Sundown.

Stretch (2014)
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Strange, 18 October 2014

This is a wild ride of a movie. Patrick Wilson is a high strung limo driver who, due to gambling losses, owes $6000 to some very mean bookies who promise great physical violence if they are not paid their money. Wilson encounters David Hasselhoff in an early scene where the Hoff plays himself and shows some unexpected comedy chops. The same applies to Ray Liotta in a cameo where he asks the driver what movies has Hasselhoff appeared in. Chris Pine is an eccentric rich guy who puts Reedus through hell in order to earn the six grand in order to pay off his debt. Pine and Wilson have excellent timing in their screen time together. The story is a bit uneven, but overall I was entertained by Stretch and score it between a 6 and a seven.

One out of Three, 11 October 2014

This is a trilogy of horror tales, and only one out of three worked for me. The first one involves a man who cannot remember what has happened to his wife. Every time he goes to sleep he has different, disturbing dreams regarding her whereabouts. The story is very unstructured but has a decent ending. The second segment is not much better than the first. Puppets are the main feature and they can cause all sorts of mayhem due to curses from the original owners. Lots of screaming, but it bored me to death. The third film is by far the best one. A man moves in to a run down apartment complex with his young son. The only other tenant is a man taking care of his supposedly paralyzed wife in a wheelchair. Turns out that his spouse is actually dead and he is using Chinese herbs to bring her back to life. It is clever and original and it kept me interested to the finish. My advice is to fast forward past the first two segments and just watch the third.

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Good actors with average story, 4 October 2014

Michael Hall(Dexter) is sleeping with his wife when they are awakened by an intruder. He grabs a gun and shoots a guy pointing a flashlight at him. The Texas police say it is self defense and all should be well. It gets interesting when the dead man's dad is released from prison and seeks revenge for his offspring. The problem is that the plot goes off the rails in the second half when Don Johnson appears as a flashy private detective driving a Cadillac convertible. He finds out that the local police are corrupt and I won't give too much away here, but the film strays off in too many different direction, with references to the Memphis Mafia and an underground snuff porn market. The cast make this a 6/10.

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Entertaining, 27 September 2014

This is pretty much a rehash of the original Sin City, with a similar black and white, film noir look. Mickey Rourke is back as a Marv, and once again he gets to kick ass and kill bad people. Jessica Alba returns as Nancy the stripper, who, unfortunately never takes her clothes off; a major disappointment for this viewer. We do get Eva Green appearing nude on a few memorable occasions. Her acting ability is not on par with the rest of the cast, but her spectacular body more than makes up for that. Bruce Willis has little screen time and Rosario Dawson is once again the leader of the killer prostitutes. The violence is comic book style and the story line not as good as the first film, but I was nevertheless entertained by the movie.

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Complicated, 20 September 2014

A good start with the headhunter by day and art thief on the side, becomes more and more convoluted as it goes along. The story should have stayed with the first thirty minutes plot line, as it was really interesting. A con man who is able to steal valuable paintings while substituting copies was promising, and had me hoping for more of the same. Unfortunately, the writers decided to add several twists and turns which just did not work for me. The acting is good and some of the action scenes o.k. but the lead character ventures through too many far fetched scenarios to be believable. Headhunters had excellent potential, but in the end score a 5/10.

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