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Great action for a TV series, 27 August 2005

Though clearly shot for TV, the packaged 2CD set I rented was still fantastic for all the action. Generally, such detailed fight choreography is rare for the small screen. They squeeze down 10+ hours to a mere 3.5 in the CD version, so the plot doesn't make too much sense. But it just means that the fighting comes more often. And with Donnie Yen at the action helm, you know it's quality.

If you are looking for good acting, logical events, maybe even a good romance story, then give this a pass. This is driven mainly by one-dimensional ideals of loyalty, family, revenge, and testosterone. But if you're a huge kung-fu fan and love typical HK TV plot lines, then this is definitely worth a watch!

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Retarded, 15 June 2004

One of the most moronic HK films ever. Even the original Cantonese dialogue is horrendous. The hero is dull and the love interest is excessively annoying.

The gunplay is also ridiculous, filled with scenes where 10 gunmen miss the 2 heroes despite them being out in the open. In John Woo movies (The Killer, Hard Boiled), the heroes at least pretend to hide behind something. There's also one scene that has to be seen to be believed. A bad guy shoots a bazooka, and we see the missile come out. Then the explosion happens *behind* the target, as though it magically passed through. I can suspend belief for action films, but this is just sloppy choreography.

The martial arts is okay, but overemphasizes flashy acrobatics over real fighting or tactics. The lead actor seems talented enough, but is wasted in this action fluff. I would only recommend this movie if you've seen every other HK action movie already.


Paycheck (2003)
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Insults your intelligence, 31 December 2003

Basically, the writers and John Woo decided that the audience is dumb enough to accept the overwhelming number of plotholes, moronic bad guys, cliches, and logical jumps. Even the action is uninspired by Woo movie standards. Just stay away from this movie.

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An embarrassment, 6 November 2003

Norm MacDonald is a comic genius, but Stan Hooper is just a huge embarrassment for him. The actors, other than Fred Willard, are awkward and amateurish. Norm himself looks stiff, which is a far cry from his entertaining stand-up acts, SNL skits, and even the Norm Show. If only he could get some real talent to help him out, Norm could get together a really huge hit show. As it is, FOX needs to unceremoniously dump this one so Norm can go back to the drawingboard.

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Only film I ever walked out of, 10 September 2003

Horrible. Awful action scenes, terrible CGI, nonsensical script, and absolutely no chemistry between any of the stars.

The second I saw the giant teddy bear costumes, I knew the film had hit rock bottom. It was the first and only time I've ever walked out of a theater in the middle of a movie. Don't ever waste your time/money on this.


Good 4/5 of a movie, 1 September 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first 4/5 of the movie were enjoyable. Davis made an entertaining (thought not terribly convincing) femme fatale/assassin. Jackson had some great lines like he usually does, but his semi-wimpy character pales in comparison to Jules in Pulp Fiction.

*Spoilers ahead*

The last part of the movie though was terribly unconvincing and extremely stupid. All the escape attempts and killings were not just unbelievable, but also predictable and silly. The bad guy was so dumb and so stereotypical, I couldn't believe for once second that he was a top federal assassin. Killing the hero in a slow, easy-to-escape way should have been left decades ago in Batman and Bond. Also, there's no way in hell her daughter emerged unscratched from that little cage on the truck after it flipped over.

And what a stupid epilogue... First part of the movie: 7/10; ending: 2/10.

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I totally remember this awesome show, 7 May 2003

I must have been less than 10 years old, but this was the first real cable comedy show me and my older sister ever watched. Nickelodian was our dream channel at the time, and this would still fit right in on the Comedy Channel today. I'm really surprised no one ever did the idea again after all this time. I'm a big MST3K fan, but I think I liked Mad Movies just a little bit better.

I don't remember any of the episodes, and we used to have a ton on tape. They're probably long gone by now, but I still remember bits of the opening credits with closeups of everyone talking into mics. The only thing closely resembling this brilliant show is the similar game they sometimes play on Whose Line Is It Anyway, although that's improvised. In any case, I hope they re-air this show on Com Central sometime since it really is timeless... very few if any 80s jokes if I recall. Mad Movies!

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Extremely profane, 23 February 2003

I'm a big fan of bloody action movies (The Killer, Hard Boiled, Pulp Fiction) but this is the first one where the characters take so much joy in killing pointlessly. It's really very profane and the irrelevant touches such the bad guy being gay really make enjoying this movie very difficult. Only the action scenes involving Chow Yun Fat are entertaining, but the rest of the movie is just kind of disturbing.

Sex and violence can be crafted into a riveting film, but here they're just thrown in to fill out an empty plot. I'd score the film much lower if Chow Yun Fat didn't do so much with so little. 6/10.

Rolling-in-the-aisles Hilarious, 17 February 2003

Better than Noon, this movie has tons of inspired jokes that come out of nowhere. Owen Wilson has the best lines in the movie, and Jackie Chan can still kick ass and look great, even if he's not as acrobatic as he was 20 years ago. The final fight was disappointing, but everything else makes up for it.

Best of all, no more Lucy Liu. Fanny Wong is so much better (and hotter), though they should have given her better fights. She always seems to need to be rescued. Also, the little kid wasn't as annoying as he could have been, so that's a big plus in any movie.

In all, a great movie that I'll be watching again and again (like the first). Yeah, there are a lot of stupid parts, but if you let your brain coast on neutral, this movie is packed with entertainment of all sorts.

The Killer (1989)
Must be seen to be believed, 5 February 2003

I first watched this movie in dubbed English format, and I thought it wasn't anywhere near as good as all the hype. Then, I watched it in its original Chinese (which I understand), and I finally realized why this film is considered one of the greatest of all time. The original language is nearly poetic in style, and there is at least one set of subtitles out there (yellow in color) that come close to matching the nuances of the original.

Clearly, most if not all of the bad reviews you see here (many call it overrated) are from people who either watched a dubbed or poorly subtitled version. True, many of the scenes are unrealistic, but a case must be made here for style over substance. The insane 30-on-2 gunfights are so finely orchestrated as to be almost beautiful. If you want to watch unrealistic action that's ugly and comparably unentertaining, pick up any American movie from Rambo to Universal Soldier.

If you thought the action in The Matrix was cool and amazing, The Killer's gunfights will blow you away without any special effects.

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