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A PG-13 version of The Shield..., 16 July 2009

I'm always wary of any production that has Jerry Bruckheimer attached to it - I never know if things will turn out for the best (CSI: Las Vegas) or for the worst (Transformers 2). When I heard Dylan McDermott was going to star, I decided to give the pilot a chance...and I'm glad I did.

The show centers around Lt. Shaw's (McDermott) undercover unit, comprised of himself and two other cops, Curtis (Hardwick) and Bendis (Marshall-Green). Along the way, Shaw recruits a bright-eyed street cop with a dubious past, Allen (Aycox). The unit walks the line between committing felonies that could land them in jail for a considerable amount of time and nailing the criminal enterprises they have infiltrated.

The writing is sharp, if a little predictable when it comes to the "Federal Bureau of Intimidation," but the show works. I hope it becomes serialized like 24 and The Shield, and not procedural like NYPD Blue, as I think that'll give the show more of a chance to delve into the psychology of what it takes to be an undercover cop and remain the person you were when you entered into a cover.

All in all, a good start with a lot of potential. I hope they focus on the characters as much as they do on plot in the episodes to come.


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A sleek drama with a few wrinkles to start, 12 July 2008

First impressions from the Pilot show "Flashpoint" to be a hybrid of special forces, hostage situations, lots of weapons and character study.

The show seems to have a lot of potential, even if the dialog is a bit rushed and difficult to understand for the average viewer who isn't used to the office lingo of the special forces team that handles these high stakes situations.

The team, led by Sarge (Enrico Colantoni of "Veronica Mars") and Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon) seem to gel well so far, but future episodes will tell if they can pull off the show's premise.

There is some humor, but the Pilot also sported multiple slow-mo shots of character interaction, and each of their reactions to the reality of their job.

A bit rushed in places, and jaunty, as any series premiere is expected to be - hopefully "Flashpoint" will find its stride as a sleek, cop drama with brains, edge and heart.

Princess (2008) (TV)
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A lovely modern day fairy tale, 20 April 2008

"Princess" stars Nora Zehetner and Kip Pardue in a modern day fairy tale with a few cute twists. I've never been much of a fan of TV movies, but this one really touched my heart.

Mysterious and self-titled Princess Ithaca is making her annual appearance at a fund raising ball where jack-of-all-trades William Humphrey just happens to be attending with his friend. He banks what's left of his meager savings in order to secure a date with the enigmatic princess.

It's a simple enough premise for kids, but even I as an older teen enjoyed it. The chemistry between Zehetner and Pardue makes you smile and I have to say Zehetner especially did a fun job of portraying the innocent but spirited princess. Co-stars include a rough around the edges nanny, a settled married couple who is very near their due date and a multitude of colorful, other worldly characters.

The story may have been done before, and the CGI is not as top notch as that seen in the box office, but the characters win over your heart in no time. And of course, the traditional fairy tale ending is always a nice enticer for kids. The musical score is also appropriately enchanting.

8 out of 10 for me!