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Daredevil (2003)
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Average, 21 March 2003

I was quite disappointed with this film. Too many inconsistencies from the comic book! The story was a little weak in areas, true Daredevil fans, may NOT like the way the movie was played out. Daredevil betting the Kingpin???? Let's get real! I rank it 4 out of 10 stars. Colin F. did do a good job as Bullseye.

John Q (2002)
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Great Film Got me at the end!, 24 July 2002

Wow a rollercoaster at the end! Anne Heche played a good villian! James Wood redeemed himself! Ray Liotta was excellent! Denzel was very believable!

"Roots" (1977)
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Hard to Stomach.. But great film, 20 May 2002

Wow... It is hard to believe that people would actually treat other humans in this manner. I find it hard to watch the film.. I found myself turning it off... reflecting and then returning to the film. I hope this is a wake-up call to all people to understand that prejudice needs to stop. At all costs! What a price that has been paid for freedom!

Spider-Man (2002) (VG)
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I agree the movie was OK!, 20 May 2002

Being familiar with the Spiderman comic book, the story was not totally true to the facts concerning Peter Parker and the transformation into SPIDERMAN! I read that some critics were comparing the two biggest movies of the Summer (Spiderman/Star Wars: AOTC) regarding the story. I must say I enjoyed the movie but Spiderman the story was lacking in my opinion. I gave the film a 6.... AOTC had the better of the two blockbuster hits!

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Wow, 27 February 2002

This movie is great, but at times hard to watch. I cannot believe people do exist present/past that actually thought this way. It was amazing to see how the Airmen had to OVERCOME a bevy of obstacles, just to FIGHT for the country that HATES THEM. There were a few scenes were I had to cry, it was heavy on me! The landing in the country w/ the prisoners... The hearing before the Special Committee.... And finally when the white pilot requests the 332nd.

The facts of Airmen ordeals is riveting, I hope in life it doesn't take this type of example to prove to other ignorant people that African Americans, and minorities as a whole have something of value to offer. I often wonder to myself, 'Could White America, deal with the oppression, that they have dealt out, if the script was reversed?' I know for a fact they would have a REAL SERIOUS problem with it!

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Excellent Movie about relationships, 27 February 2002

Someone out there apparently doesn't like minorities... Vote a 1! This was a excellent movie about what guys go through, regardless of your color or ethnic background. You had to pretty boys (Moore/Chestnut) and two comedians (Hughley/Bellemy).

Good movie for those you enjoy looking into what guys think/act/carry on!