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Have an open mind and you may enjoy this one, 18 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No doubt you've read all the hate mail for this series by now from die hards who loved the 90's Batman TAS.

I loved that series also, great writing, good animation.

I grew up in the 60's and was running around in my favorite T-shirt with the batman logo on it and watching the "bam, splat, zonk" as Adam West bopped the bad guys and kept himself and the boy wonder form being made into everything from giant frosty freezes to the Mad Hatter's latest fedora..

Then I watched the cartoons patterned directly on the Adam West live action show, then the incredibly hokey superfriends of the early 70's when cartoons were heavily censored and couldn't have any violence of any kind for any reason, all the way through the "some violence is OK" superfriends of the 80's..

So yes, I've watched the TV Batman evolve considerably..

This new series to me is very enjoyable and contrary to some critics I like the portable computer linked back to the main system. "Batwave" is true to 21st century technology and will surely spawn fond memories in the kids getting their first taste of the Bat :) I also liked the new penguin. The added depth of the family history in my opinion give this Character more realism than I've seen in previous incarnations. That whole angry heir to the fallen fortune thing right down to the jealousy with Bruce Wayne for still possessing his family fortune and having a Pennyworth for a butler in my book counts for some very talented thought behind the storyline.

I must admit I stopped here and took the time to register just to write this because I was sadly disappointed after having watched this series for four seasons now to see it ripped to shreds by 20 somethings who are mad that this isn't "their" batman that they grew up with on Saturday morning back in the 90's.

This is Batman, 21st century style.. High tech gadgets.. Personal on-board computers in hand, Master criminals that are not only intelligent but can hold their own in a fight and are very well matched to this incarnation of the wealthy orphan raised by the butler that has more than his own fair share of personal issues after having lost his parents to street thugs as a small child..

This series really seems to bring that fact home very well but you'll need to watch it for awhile before you see the lengths to which the writers have gone in the development of the title Character.

You will not get that depth if you just watch a couple of episodes.

Granted, as one previous reviewer had mentioned I was getting a bit weary of Joker in every episode there for awhile but the writers grew out of it and have started a storyline for the kids of the 21st century that they can grow up with and be inspired by.

Some of them may actually get the message that I did from Batman.

That with self discipline, education, physical training and a little ingenuity even an ordinary human can be a superhero.

Perhaps more importantly so that if one choses the life of a vigilante there is a mighty fine line between hero and villain.

Of course the money doesn't hurt :) I really liked the way Batgirl was introduced in this series with a home made costume and home made Bat gear until she earned the respect of the big guy enough for her to be brought in as a true team member. The most realistic introduction of that character I've seen to date.

Hopefully at some point they'll take the time to watch the TAS from the 90's which I;m sure will remain as a classic for many decades to come.

In my viewing agenda "The Batman" is a regular feature and I enjoy it immensely :)