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Slapstick Comedy + Many LOL Moments
24 November 2011
Perjaka Terakhir 2 is a sequel to Perjaka Terakhir. Well, not exactly a sequel per se, because the stories are not meant to be related. But the genre & the storyline are the same.

It is, to me, much better than the first film. This film has got more slapstick comedy, and truthfully, I laughed more watching it.

I am unsure whether there is a storyline, because if there is, then I am not getting it. However, I did not mean to say that it is a bad thing.

Taken on face value, this film delivers what it intends to; lots & lots of comedic moments and laughs.

This film is about a 'satpam' (security guard) who has fallen in love with a beautiful girl. Not an ordinary girl, though, as she has something up her sleeve. Well, I would not bother to divulge more, as I would not want to give out spoilers.

Watch it, I'd say. It is worth it.
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Zoo (2010)
Pleasant Surprise
19 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
My, oh my. I mean, that is what I felt after watching the film. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to watch it. Part of the reason is because I knew that the film would be clichéd, and part of it is because the main cast are from the comedic group called Scenario. I have nothing against the group, but sometimes their jokes do get boring, as it is often than not, the same stuff regurgitated again and again.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with this film. Yeah, it is about talking animals, about some bad guys having sinister thoughts to steal the animals, and about a guy made as a fall guy for the theft. Yeah yeah, seen it, heard it, watched it, knew all about it. But then, what film is truly original? Whatever the producers make, there will surely be similar films, too.

The story is about a guy who can talk to animals. Whilst he persistently inform others that he can indeed talk to animals, others were skeptical about it. And to make things worse, animals began to disappear from the zoo. Yeah, you figured it. Even though he maintained his innocence, he was accused of stealing the animals.

So, he asked for the fellow buddies (read:the animals) to avenge for him. That's where the fun starts. And yeah again, you figured it. He was absolved from the accusations, and he got the girl. The end.

I'd recommend the film for lazy Sundays, with the whole of the family gathered around. As the classification is General, so no worries there.
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The Happening (2008)
Great Idea .. Poor Execution
6 August 2011
What can I say? The Happening has a great idea, but a very poor execution. The end result? A watchable film, but nothing outstanding, nor there are anything worth taking about.

I love the idea that one day, the plants, the trees, the flowers, and even the grass would stand up against humans. For all the things that we have done to them.

But this not what I have imagine. Totally! I mean, if this is all they can do, what's there to worry about? What's there to be of concern? We can just get rid of them using pesticide (which Mark Wahlberg has clearly forgotten to use in the film).

Not wanting to be a broken record, I's still have to say this. A great idea, but a poor execution. A measly 5 star out of 10 for this one. And that is being generous enough.
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No chemistry..
25 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have always Hugh Grant & Sarah Jessica Parker, the two main actors in this film. That is also my main reason to watch this film.

However, I am disappointed at how it turned out.

There were no chemistry between the two; they look more like two passersby who happened to cross each others path, than what they were supposed to be, a married couple.

If I may shed some light as to what this film is about; It is about two recently separated couple who were sent to Wyoming under the Witness Protection Program. Reason? They witnessed a murder, and that the person behind the murder is an underworld kingpin.

So they were stucked with each other.

Yeah, the premise itself is weird, but I went along with it, thinking that the two main actors can bring miracles to the story premise.

But I was left wanting more. The two lacked chemistry, and that the story weird premise didn't not fit well.

A mere 5 for the strong performances from the two other supporting actors, who were the guardians of the witnesses.
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America (2009 TV Movie)
22 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
America is an insightful docu-drama about the foster care system in America. A well-thought script, and a well-executed film.

America is a troubled kid, living in a foster care. He was introverted, and hid his emotions from everyone. And he kept mum when asked, and showed no emotions when perused.

He needed somebody he can trust for him to be open about himself, and that is proved hard to do.

However, he was lucky as he had a counselor who tried to befriend him. Yes, it was not easy, but even the toughest of steel can be mold.

He began to be open about himself, and letting the counselor knew of his past. Of the sexual abuse he was subjected to, of the betrayal of his 'protectors', and of the tragedy that caused his dad's life.

All told in absolute beauty. The retrospectives images were being shown, and one would be hard-pressed not to be sympathetic of him.

A great performance by all the characters, especially Rosie O'Donnell. She projected a very convincing counselor, with a heart of gold.

The film ends with a phrase; 2 out of 10 of the kids in foster won't make it once they are out of it. They are either in prison or dead.

A very brutal statistic, and a statistic not to be taken lightly. We can make a change, and it must start now!
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Sex Education .. American Pie Style !
21 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Indonesia film industry seems to be basking in the glory of making adult-oriented genre. Some are pure turd, whilst some are good.

This film fits the latter; it conveys the message in a subtle way, without being preachy. And that is good. Because the target audiences are teenagers and young adults. And they did not like listening to Friday sermons and speeches.

The premise of the film is about free sex, a hedonism way of life that has huge following in the Muslim most-populous nation in the world.

So, there are sexual jokes, softcore scenes, and crude dialogs. But it does not have any nudity scenes, and that is good. Not that I am against flesh-showing or whatnot, but the film is better off without it.

The film also deals in relationships, of having unwanted pregnancies, and of sexually-transmitted diseases.

I would recommend it to other young adults; so that can be responsible of their own bodies and the consequences of having irresponsible sex.

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A. Razak Should End his career.. Pronto!
19 June 2011
A. Razak is a Malaysian director, with many titles under his belt. However, before one jumps to the conclusion that if he has done many films that means he is good, then one is sorely wrong.

He follows a basic script; make a film, throw in a unique trait in the film (e.g films featuring amateur actors, films with lots of girls), and make money out of it. Simple.

The quality of his films are appalling, with more and more worse films to choke the Malay film industry.

In this film, he tries to make us believe that there is a beauty contest, with the contestants sent out to a remote island, and let them fight for their lives. I mean, REALLY? I have always thought that is more of a Survivor rather than Next Top Models! And the film are littered with clichéd dialogs, huge gaping holes in the plots, and wooden characters who seem to only have one facial expression throughout the film.

Kudos A.Razak for belittling our industry, and making Malay film to be laughing stock to our people, and international scenes.
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Death of Evil (2009 Video)
Death of Evil ??
14 June 2011
Awww come on! Please spare me the horror, because there ain't any! This film is a pile of turd, waiting for unsuspecting people to watch it.

The film did start on a good-footing, having me wanting to know how it develops. However, just 10minutes into the film, I have already known the ending! What's up with that? To make the film sells, the corny producer did fit in a brief sexual scenes (no full-frontal nudity, though) & I was left wondering as to what this scene complement the entire storyline? Corny dialogues were around, you'd have to duck to escape from being hit, haha. It did make the film unbelievable, to an extent it makes the film comical rather than horrifying.

No gore scenes, no overly violent scenes either. A calculative move to make it classified as General Viewing? Heck, there's more violent scenes in cartoons nowadays than this film.

All in all, a poor film, worth avoiding.
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13 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was recommended by a friend to watch this film, and it is his reminder to me to watch it first without having perceptions and not to come up with prejudged notions.

I did just that.

So I watched the film until the end credits, and I understood why my friend asked me not to make assumptions.

It is because of the nature of the film. It involves a very delicate subject matter; race. The nature of the film itself will make anybody aligns him/herself to make judgment based on the racial background. And it is hard to be objective about this matter.

This film is based on a true story of a colored girl who was wrongly picked up & accused of things she did not do. Instead of taking a plea bargain, she stood up for herself, to ensure her freedom & her children welfare are taken care of.

This film featured a newcomer to the film industry, & I think that she did justice to her character; she was believable & were able to make people sympathize with her.

What I like about this film is its nature, of prejudging human not based on what he/she did, but based on the color of his/her race.

& the fact that in the cultured United States boggles my mind. I mean, this is a county who portrays itself as being at the pinnacle of a cultured world, of being a model country where other countries are forced to look up to.

I live in Malaysia; a country blessed with numerous races who shared the country. it consists of many races, mainly the Malays, Chinese, Indians & others.

Race is still an issue in this country, especially since the political parties aligned themselves to races, who fight to 'protect & preserve' their respective race. However, they still manage to ensure that racial issues are settled amicably without resulting to civil unrest. & this is a country who got its independence in 1957! So to learn that United States are still finding racial background to be an issue is somewhat intriguing.

I seriously hope that the world community will treat each other with respect, regardless of color. Surely the world will be a better place.
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Senjakala (2011)
12 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The horror genre has been used far too many times to milk the money out of the Malaysians moviegoers. It's getting to a point of not merely annoyance, but to rage & anger! Come on, why can't film producers come up with better ideas than to just create a horror films? Are they not thinking outside the box? Or are they just blatantly oblivious to the fact that they are more than just horror genre worthy of cinema? And to top it all off, this film did not even deliver the scare factor! The ending can be figured out just 15minutes into the film, and there were no horrifying scenes, except for some comical moments when the ghosts chose to make themselves appear.

I'll tell the story in my review, so as to save others the time & money of having to watch it.

This film is of a girl who felt that she has to return to her hometown, and she brought her friend with her.

She soon discover that the reason of this is because the ghost is calling to be with her! How pathetic! Then something & something, she was haunted by the ghost. But thanks to the villagers, she can rid of the ghost before the ghost causes more harm to her. End of story.

I'd rather be watching paint dry, or counting stars at night, than having to spend it watching this pile of turd.
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