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Nice Entertainment, 16 February 2007

You made me laugh. I know so many guys like the men in this film its not even funny! The screening was a blast. When does it come on DVD? When I found out that the filmmakers where first timers I could not believe it. I mean they had so many known faces in this film. It was crazy to see the human side of macho men, and who they so pretend to be. Woman power! yes. That was so nicely put together in this movie. I told my girlfriends about it and they can't wait to see it. Its funny because my girlfriend took me to this private screening and I just came along to take my mind off of things, and I was so pleasantly surprised. It is so refreshing to catch a film not influenced by the media. There were no stars in this film, but I can say for certain stars to be in my opinion. NICE! And about time.