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Better than i expected, 20 February 2002

I´ve just seen this movie and i like it. As simple as that.

A cop that gets involved in a gang of thieves that like to make races in their cars, and, of course, steals cool things. The movie it´s ok, the races are good and dialogs are good too.

A kind of Point Break, that one with keanu reeves and Patrick Swayze......but with no surfers, no masks and no sunburned...just cars, cars and.....girls. 7/10

Perturbado (1993)
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Very Good Short, 9 December 2001

I saw Perturbado, when a friend of mine borrowed to me....and it was delicious. Seeing Santiago Segura, in a very strange and patetic character, obsessed with sex, make me laugh from the first till the end.

Very good...really enjoying, and it's like seeing first steps from great artist: santiago segura