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Here is a list of some of my favorite Korean movies ....drama, action , romance, comedy, war , romantic comedies, thrillers, horror ......i have seen that in almost every Genre Korean Cinema has impressed.
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Some of the very best Heist movies, also listed are few quality Con Movies, and sophisticated crime movies....
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List of some kickass kungfu flicks from the 70's and 80's. (I have intentionally avoided mentioning the more popular kung fu flicks starring Jackie Chan , Jet Li etc..)
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Crime, mystery , thrill , suspense .....the dark alleys, the fading light , the menacing shadows and the Dark souls........Film Noirs , i just love this Genre .

In this list there may be few entries which may not purely belong to the film noir genre , but because of their similar nature couldn't resist including them.
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Loyalty, obedience, frugality , self sacrifice , mastery of martial arts and Honor to the Death.... "The Way of the Samurai". List of the best Samurai era movies i have come across....
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Though i may have only seen a fraction of the great Foreign Cinema out there, still felt like sharing some of the best ones i was lucky to see ....

Hoping i would get to see more such gems in the future. Will be updating the list accordingly....
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List of some really good westerns , some almost unknown and some not popular enough...

Came to know about most through the lists in the site icheckmovies
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Making an attempt to list my favourite movies ...
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Some impressive crime movies over the years ...
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Movies made special by a special character....

(wanted to stick to fictional characters but couldn't help making a few exceptions)
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