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hilariously funny highly recommended, 3 May 2011

came across this show by accident and thought we would give it a go and we were very pleasantly surprised - 23 minutes of constant laughter, each character a gem in their own right, Olivia Lee is very sharp witted and her ability to maintain character in the most outrageous situations makes for some very funny moments indeed. While this may not be for everyone as her humour can get blueish at times but that is far outweighed by her knack for being able to push participants as far as they are willing to go. The show works on so many levels, with the humour coming both from her and from the reactions of the people she interacts with and the things people will do

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if you liked urkel then you'll love him now, 6 January 2011

We were wondering what had become of Urkel, and in a fit of inspired curiosity we investigated and discovered Jaleel White had been quite prolific in the acting area and not so much the infamy area that most other child stars seem to find themselves. On to the show itself - quite a respectable and enjoyable outing indeed, kudos to Mr White for making his own show (generally i am wary of shows were the director, writer, and actor are one and the same) and to doing a good job of it - a good poke at himself very thinly veiled - Urkel has morphed into Dennis Rodman and taken it for a good ride - injokes, slapstick, old perverts, wrestling ladies - all thats missing is disco pants and a haircut - highly recommended