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Silent Witness (1996– )
BBC Please just stop with it.
11 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have been a great fan of the Silent Witness TV show, not seen the very first ones but began with the Nikki episodes, as i will call them for convenience matter. i always found it entertaining, thriller or exciting but this year was a complete disaster, the story lines where just complete dull. the crew and the cast where surely doing there best but it feels like some people have start digging in the BBC Attic took some plot lines from Older episodes of Silent witness maybe even from other Detective shows and just changed names and locations.

maybe the 15 season that aired in 2012 wasn't also that good but at least we got Harry to save the day,Tom Ward has given his Harry so much charisma that even the most stupidest episode is and was watchable, this season Harry is not in it, he left to new york Apparently and we didn't even got a chance to say goodbye. this time he has been replaced buy someone who has just as much charisma as a Lego doll, OK well maybe i am bit hard now on David Caves as that seems to be his real life name, but he is just not convincing to me as a forensic scientist or whatever he supposed to be. and there is no chemistry between him and Nikki and a little between him and Leo. As his character Jack says "I will always be the new guy" this is also the feeling that i have when i watch the show.

they also added a new Female character, Clarisa to the show, she is OK although she looks not really healthy (as i say this in a concerning way) only i don't see i real value here for the show.

While Harry's absence is a great lost, to make matters worse they also decided to blow Leo Dalton to Kingdome come in the Final episode of this season (and they didn't even sent Harry an invitation for the funeral)

"Silent Witness will return next year." Please BBC leave those forensics alone and move on because a once so great show has become bloody awful.
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A master criminal as bait
22 June 2005
In this Piovra movie Davide Licata is shot down by a mafia killer he survives and after months of recovering he comes in contact with the anti mafia group Nucleo, Davide decides to work for them. his first mission; to find Tano carridi the master brain of the mafia wherever he is and bringing him to them. They want tano as Bait for the New Godfather but Tano isn't exactly what he used to be.

This one has a whole other concept than the other Piovra movies, its concentrating more on the Mafia KGB connection than the Politic intrigues we also getting to see a whole other Tano than we know, the relation with his sister Maria is one important parts of the story. unlike the other parts there is not really much violence, there is more threat than shooting. The Acting is Very Good again we get a wide variation of characters who aren't just good and bad but are just a human as you and me, Camera work Music it's al just fine the only thing weak here is the final which is a little bit to long, but like the rest of the series it's Great entertainment
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Chocolat (2000)
as tasty as
7 August 2002
Well honestly i must admitt i'm not into romantic movies most of the time i find them boring or plain stupid. But this one is different it's not a particulary boy meets girl film it's an outstanding feel good movie with excellent performence a fairytale for adults and teenagers.

the story is about a little middle aged village where infact nothing happens and everybody is just a bit somber and then a young mother played by the beautiful JUliete binoche comes into the village with her daughter to start a chocolatrie soon the inhabitats will find out these chocolat are very special.

Chocolat his a bit for everybody a little romance a little humor a Little tragedy A little Thrilling

if you want to see a nice romantic movie that doesn't put you into sleep than this is the one

it's as tasty as "CHOCOLAT"
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interresting decent but more to expect
6 August 2002
A book detective 3 books about evil and some devilworshippers that sounds interresting and for most part it is. it has nothing to do with Horror or thriller but is more like a good detective story, main problem of the film is that there aren't any characters you can identify with or from whom you have simpathy another thing is the ending at the last 10 minutes there are so many twists that the viewer gets confused and then you wait for the big thing (what ever that is) but to me it didn't came

it's a decent movie but i had expected more
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a surprise
20 July 2002
this suprisingly good porn flick opens with the incredible sexy Dina Jewel tracking down some criminals to hijack a boat with a very important businessman on it.

the title refers to Under siege with segal.acting good be better but the production values are great certainly for this kind of movie close up editing and camerawork are fantastic and make this one look like a normal movie

another surprise of this movie that you have to wait for near 8 minutes for the first sex scene wich is a very passionate one the rest of the scene are good although it seems a little to much to make it believable,but if like a lighthearted film with stunts beautiful girls action and hardcore sex than this is the one
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the battle goes on
8 May 2002
after corrado cattani is murdered maffia think they have won but they are wrong. Corrado's last girlfriend judge Silvia conti and ex policeman Davide licata won't let them.

The Battle goes on

this is the first episode without Michele Placido as the charismatic investigator and when this series first came out people were missing him,but without him this still is an excellent tvmovie

vittorio mezzogiornio is our new hero an italien ex cop living in new york and then going back to sicily to find the man responsible for the slaugter of his unit. Mezzogiorno is a good replacement for Placido not a broken man but a no-nonsense cop

out real hero of course is Patricia millardet as female judge Silvia Conti Corrado's last loved one she promise to find them all that's not only the assasins and those who ordered to kill but also those responsible of the dead of other innocent people

while Mezzogiornio and Millardet are the lead actors most credit goes out for Remo Girone as Tano carridi a brilliant played evil insaint character that in someways doesn't look that evil. Girone plays Tano in a way not even an american actor has played a bad guy.

La piovra 5 is as good as the first 4 parts it's another story of vengeance, betrayal, loyalty, corruption and death
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Millardet is still excellent
21 February 2002
When magistrate silvia conti returns to sicily to solve the murder of pentito Rosario granchio she has no idea of the local war going on between boss Nuzzo and a streetgang,meanwhille Savario Bronta Nuzzo's old friend also returns to sicily to take part in a great illegal operation.

this 7th part brings us back to the first two series as we go back to the town it all has began. Patricia Millardet is still excellent as Silvia Conti and except her and Florinda bolkan as Olga Camastra who we now from part 1 and 2 we all see new faces, only one person is missing Remo girone as Tano Carridi doesn't take part of this series for some this might be a disapointment. But despite his absence this is a great miniseries that is very different from the other parts, it shows more attention to how civiliens must deal with the maffia than the Maffia/Bussines/Politic connection

if you like good crime/maffia film this is one to check out
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just a beautiful movie
14 February 2002
along with Forrest Gump and As good as it gets this is the best movie of mentally ill persons in fact this is just a Beautiful movie it's uplifting yet sad it's romantic yet rude. Russel crowe is excellent as math student John nash who really excist

he seems to be the worst student on the academy and also the weirdest untill he finds out a kind of formula witch makes him a hero he is given class a one of his students falls in love with him they soon gonna be married he even works for the gouvernment as their best codebreaker to solve a russian conspiracy against america the film play's between 1950 and 1994 and than the film turns 180 degrees than we se the tragic but also uplifting of a man who must fight the biggest enemy a man can have himself.

this is a mustsee you won't forget him soon
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La piovra (1984)
the struggle
3 February 2002
La Piovra is more than a crime investigation series it's about the struggle of brave but also sad people for justice and freedom. the war on the mob has never been so great than in La Piovra here there are no real hero's or villains as in the hollywood movies every character is a normal person of flesh and blood in fact the give us a look in the mirror Corrado cattani is what everyone wishes to be he is out good side Tano Carridi is what we don't want to be but everybody has it's dark side and Tano is the best example for that haven't we all lie and manipulate. i've seen the show (episdos 1-7 ) a couple of times and the more i watch them the more i like them more and the more i understand it

hopefully i got to see the last episode (part10) very soon
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every genre has it's classic
16 January 2002
Every Genre has it's classic even sexfilms weither you like them or not but youn can't deny that director Andrew Blake has made some original things in it for example making love underwater or an with an ICe dildo wat makes this film a classic is not only the original and beautifully photografed scenes a trademark of all blake film but the present of Janine Lindemuller a living legend and one the most populair adultstars of the of the last 15 years

although this one is rated XXX it's still on the softside camera work is more focused on the body and face expresions than on vagina or penis

all in all this is a fantastic movie and for starters this one is the best to begin with
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my all time favorite
30 November 2001
Warning: Spoilers
i have seen many and i mean many many movies but this still is my all time favorite even above great classics like "Godfather" or Shawshank redemption.Why the movie is so good? the great special effects? NO! there aren't one, the Action No there isn't any action. the reason! this is the most sincere movie ever made.It's the beautiful story of two children 8 and 11 who are placed out of there home when their mother is arrested for selling her daughter as whore. the children team up with a goodhearted policeman (Enrico LO Verso)who must guide them and bring them to a good orphanage. as the story goes by the 3 people more and more grow tho each others. This is the story of friendship trust and faith and human compassion.Hearthwarming and Unforgettable
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Pearl Harbor (2001)
25 November 2001
When Pearl harbor was in the cinema's it was "THE MOVIE" the one you had to see unfortenatly i'd never make to see the film in cinema so me and a good friend started to rent the film in our local video store because we wanted to see this great blockbuster but after all this was a great disappointment the acting was good and so were the action scenes(you have to wait long for something happens) but the rest wasn't all that. The love story in the movie is pretty boring and drag itself around the film the characters looks like stripfigures it's difficult identify yourself with someone and the running time 176 minutes is far too long it's nog a long film it' seems to last eternally. But actually the worst thing about this WARDRAMA was the fact that it wasn't gripping you actually don't care what happins even when it's tragic, i've seen much better WARDRAMA for example "SCHINDLERS LIST", "APOCALYPSE NOW" OR "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN" These are fims you almost watch in Trance but PEARL HARBOR is a film you watch with te remotecontrol of your VCR (fastforward).
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La piovra 4 (1989)
fast moving all the way
11 November 2001
10 hours seems to be a long run but after 5 minutes you immideately get sucked into a story about justice,loyalty,blackmail,romance,betrayel and murder it's fast moving all the way. Everything is just excellent from production values to the music and most important the great acting especially from Michele Placido as Cattani Patricia Millardet as Judge conti, Simona cavalari as esther but the finest of all is Remo Girone as Tano Carridi his performance is absolutely over the top the character Tano is one of the most fascinating evil persons i have ever seen

a little bit about the story cattini has arrested a man who has killed the owner of a casino but the suspect refuus to speak to the police during the investigation he get's help from a female Judge sivia conti meanwhile the maffia has given Tano the manager of a great bank a whole lot of money to invest for them together with a corrupt senator and and an allknowing man called Espinosa he is going to make big plans and everybody who's crossing there way get's doomed or death

you don't have to see the first 3 part the understand the movie and even if you know how it's gonna end it's still worth another view!
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Showgirls (1995)
i comment not to rent
6 November 2001
paul verhoeven is a great director he has made great movies like for example total recall and it's a great mysterie that he has given us this 100 minutes of garbage. there are no sympathic characters there isn't any plot twist there is many nude but the girls are too ugly and too skinny the acting is very bad even amateur theatre can do better the and the story moves like a slug. now we all now why there is a fast forward button or better a eject button on your vcr or dvd. my comment is not to rent and certainly not to buy it
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everything you can expect from a good western
5 November 2001
this great epic has everything you can expect from a good western outstanding production values outstanding music (from ennio morricon) great artdirection and good's about a family who's been killed and the widow who look's for the one responsible she get's help by two bounty hunters.i've seen the film more than 30 years after original release and it still look's fresh i liked everything about and especially the beautiful claudia cardinale (god wish i was born in the sixties.however this is a timeless masterpiece
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