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a list of 22 titles
a list of 24 titles
stories/comedy with schools and teachers
a list of 42 titles
a list of 27 titles
a list of 19 titles
a list of 95 titles
Movies and series with quality of story, filming and music
a list of 38 titles
Inspiring movies / series
a list of 20 titles
Quality movies from India, or with Hindi background
a list of 17 titles
mean character(s) is/are striving to excel through marked personal sacrifice, dedication and focus
a list of 8 titles
ao scoring high in 'Meta'
a list of 26 characters
a list of 27 titles
Movies where a bond between siblings plays (quite) a significant part in the story
a list of 26 people
not always in high aiming productions though
a list of 26 titles
Hollywood - quite okay, not on personal movie top list
a list of 19 titles
ao historic and costume drama, also series
a list of 27 titles
Enjoyable Hollywood, mostly girly
a list of 20 titles
About gifted individuals who (mostly and despite isolation) are standing out to contribute through their independent/unusual way of thinking to the world around them
a list of 35 people
a list of 15 titles
from different genres
a list of 9 titles
Films that take place in beauty of vast little-populated area's (some Up North)