Lists by na-sp

a list of 46 people
a list of 103 titles
Movies and series with quality of story, filming and music
a list of 27 characters
Independent characters who are pioneering into new fields or places, often ahead of their times
a list of 7 titles
often without cure
a list of 33 characters
some with psychic powers or seers
a list of 21 titles
mean character(s) is/are striving to excel through marked personal sacrifice, dedication and focus
a list of 14 titles
movies giving - in however embryonic form or as science fiction - an alternative paradigm for a different, brighter future
a list of 12 titles
movies with acts of selfless (altruistic) love for humanity
a list of 29 titles
(partly) based on real lives
a list of 12 titles
loving wisdom & mildness shown forth by elders at the end of their life on this earth
a list of 43 titles
Main character is female, and mostly growing in influence, independence and life in general
a list of 30 titles
About gifted individuals who (mostly and despite isolation) are standing out to contribute through their independent/unusual way of thinking to the world around them
a list of 23 titles
"to set free, especially from legal, social, or political restrictions"
a list of 20 titles
German-speaking quality productions
a list of 36 titles
Those who are helping others to find their strength in a authentic, intelligent and loving way
a list of 18 titles
Individuals showing forth exemplified work ethos, with independent willpower, often facing hardships
a list of 22 titles
Quality films with female directors or producers
a list of 20 titles
from different genres
a list of 13 titles
ao scoring high in 'Meta'
a list of 73 titles
worth watching
a list of 23 titles
life in the 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's
a list of 33 titles
also the cold war
a list of 37 characters
a list of 29 titles
a list of 15 people
a list of 19 images
in very different stories, finding unity against the odds
a list of 47 people
excellent acting, personality or beauty in their younger acting years
a list of 22 titles
and often in more challenging social settings
a list of 44 titles
Stories where a bond between siblings is playing (quite) a significant part
a list of 15 titles
stories with likable non-heroes
a list of 34 titles
stories/comedy with schools and teachers
a list of 19 titles
Enjoyable films from India: not experienced as the best, but with memorable parts or songs
a list of 49 titles
Quality movies from India, or with Hindi background, combined with very enjoyable romantic films
a list of 40 titles
Enjoyable mostly Hollywood, mostly girly
a list of 19 images
random list of characters with some form of purity
a list of 12 titles
World cinema with memorable (to epic) soundtracks
a list of 10 titles
movies with native characters, depicting indigenous culture
a list of 13 titles
Films that take place in (raw) beauty of vast little-populated area's (some Up North)
a list of 16 titles
mostly quality stories in (modest) science fiction
a list of 46 titles
Inspiring movies / series
a list of 36 people
a list of 25 titles
ao historic and costume drama, also series (and from Ireland)
a list of 13 titles
As seen in (mostly in cinema) 2015 - 2016: worthwhile movies with noteworthy cinematography, from around the globe
a list of 27 titles
Hollywood - quite okay, not on personal movie top list