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The Best TV Show of All-Time, 24 February 2003

I have been a huge Simpsons fan for over 13 years.Year after year they come up with more and more original ideas for plots and pop culture jokes.However,the show got to be hit-and-miss after 1998,seasons 2-7 were kickass,season 8 was cool but kinda old,season 9 started the decline a little,i watch reruns of seasons 8-13 now and i laugh at what i missed.The characters are so funny.We got the lazy father Homer,the always-mad and conservative Marge,the smart teacher's pet Lisa,the wise-cracking troublemaker Bart,the scrooge-like Mr.Burns,the ambigously gay Waylon Smithers,the immigrant Apu,the cynical Krusty The Klown,the by-the-book Principal Seymour Skinner,the devoted christian Ned Flanders and many more.I love episodes like"The Way We Was","Mr.Plow","Round Springfield"(the most poignant episode),"Lisa The Vegetarian","Duffless","Brush With Greatness" and "Summer of Ft.2".

One Of my all-time faves is "Homer Vs.Lisa and The 8th Commandment".Homer gets an illegal cable hook-up.Bart and Lisa find out about Hell at sunday school and obying the 10 commandments,one of which is Though Shall Not Steal,Lisa thinks illegal cable is stealing,but Homer disagrees and invites friends over for the boxing match on TV.After Lisa protests against it Homer comes to his senses and unhooks the cable and the static comes up ending the episode.A Classic.The highlight was Lisa's daydream of being in Hell and the devil telling her cable won't cost her a thing except her soul.Very funny moment.

Anyways,The Simpsons is the greatest show ever,i hope it stays fresh and original until the end in 2005 and i hope they continue putting the seasons out on DVD.10 out of 10.

Porky's (1981)
The first raunchy high school comedy, 21 January 2003

"Porky's"was the first raunchy teen comedy,"Animal House"was the first raunchy college comedy and"American Graffiti"was the first coming-of-age teen comedy.All of them are great.I remember watching"Porky's"several times on HBO in the 80's,this movie was very funny but kinda weak compared to gross-out movies of today's standards,ala"American Pie","Mallrats"(The smart"Porky's"),and"Road Trip",but is still a classic.Kim Cattral is so hot in this movie as usual,and Don Monahan has great comedic acting skills,he should of been a huge star.Porky's is one of the all-time classic teen movies.9 out of 10.

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Typical New World Pictures flick from the 80's but a classic, 25 July 2002

I love New World Pictures movies from the 80's,but this is one of my favorites.It's about two guys,one is a wisecracking schemer and one is a mild virgin.Together they meet a couple of valley girls who want to shed their image by dressing new wave 80's.They meet a fun park and spend the day trying to get to know eachother until at night they run into a trio of bumbling jewel thieves looking for the teddy bear with the stolen jewel in it.The main girl Debbie is played by the beautiful and talented Carolyn Dunn,of the Sweating Bullets fame.Her "I Love You"underwear is cute.My other personal New World faves are"Crimes of Passion","Girls Just Want to Have Fun","Night Patrol","Tuff Turf" and many more,but this is one too,it should of been New World's break out hit when first released in 1985 but unfortunately it was'nt due to its ansemble cast of canadian actors.Anyways "Breaking All The Rules"should get more recognition on DVD,its a classic 80's parody and funny.9 out of 10.

Kevin Smith's Best, 22 July 2002

After writing about overworked youth in"Clerks",teen angst in"Mallrats",quirky romance in"Chasing Amy"and religion in"Dogma",Kevin Smith goes for low-brow humor in"Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back".This is his best movie so far,full of great cameos,hilarious humor,great plot,very fast paced and very funny.Also includes charecters and references from Smith's other movies.All in all JASB was the funniest comedy of 2001.10 out of 10.

Dogma (1999)
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Long and Boring, 13 July 2002

Kevin Smith's fourth and weakest movie"Dogma" is very long,boring and not that funny.I did'nt understand the plot nor the reason for this.The movie has its moments but far from the masterpiece Kevin Smith and fans consider it.I don't know why it's so popular.It's good Jay and Silent Bob have more screen time in this then"Chasing Amy"but its not enough to save this film.

A good try for Kevin Smith, 3 July 2002

A really big departure from the generation X ansgt of"Clerks"and"Mallrats",this is a quirky,Woody Allen-meets-Kevin Smith romantic comedy-drama.Holden McNeill(Ben Affleck)and Banky Edwards(Jason Lee)are two comic book hot shots in New Jersey,they booth are life long friends.After Holden meets Alyssa(Joey Lauren Adams),their lives change.Alyssa is a lesbian,after spending so much time with Holden,he falls in love with her,she gets mad for a few minutes then they kiss and fall in love.Meanwhile Banky makes menacing and crude comments about Alyssa and gays in general to Holden,which is both hilarious and sad.The movie is long,slow paced,but manages to be mildly entertaining.Unfortunately Jay and Silent Bob(Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith)are only shown during the last half of the movie.Silent Bob gives a touching,poignant speech about Chasing Amy,which should of got Academy Award-nominated.I'm a big fan of Kevin smith but this movie is just too humdrum and should of been more like the first two movies of his.6 out of 10.

Mallrats (1995)
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A great sequel to"Clerks", 2 July 2002

I don't know why this movie bombed upon its release,mostly because so much editing had to be done,Miramax should of released this instead of Universal,but its a great follow up.T.S.(Jeremy London)is a shy,mild guy who wants to propose marriage to his girlfriend when Jaws comes out of the water.Brodie(Played excellently by Jason Lee)is his wisecracking side kick who broke up with his girl just because he plays saga hockey,he's great but he's no Jeff Anderson in Clerks.The movie is hilarious.Full of the same raunchy,crude and original comedy that Kevin Smith's known for.Jay and Silent Bob(Jason Mewes and Smith)are funny as usual,this time coming to the rescue everytime T.S.and Brodie need help like a stoner Batman and Robin.The supporting cast includes Shannon Doherty,Ben Affleck and Michael Rooker(whose very funny).Though the movie would be better with all the stuff Kevin Smith said was cut on the DVD,it's a cult classic and very very funny.9 out of 10.

One of Sandler's Best, 25 June 2002

This Adam Sandler vehicle is'nt like"Billy Madison","Happy Gilmore"or even"Big Daddy".Though he brings us his usual charm,out-of-poportion screams,crude,low-brow humor but in this he's a little more mature.Although he makes wisecracks,he's more mature and still funny.The supporting cast is great,Drew Barrymore,Christine Taylor,Matthew Glave and Allen Covert,who's his womanizing,wisecracking friend.The 80's references are kinda uneven but they try to blend in nicely with the 1985 plot.This is a romantic comedy,that is why it's not ordinary Sandler film.Though i'm glad he went back to the basics with"The Waterboy"after this and kept it up with"Big Daddy","Little Nicky"and"Mr.Deeds".The Wedding Singer is a classic Sandler movie,full of my hilarious,funny and touching nostalgia.10 out of 10.

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A Classic, 22 June 2002

I remember seeing this movie so many years ago,i liked it then and i love it now.I'm a huge fan of New World movies from the post-Corman era of the mid-late-80's.They made cheesy but good B-movies such as "Night Patrol","Tuff Turf","18 Again"and this one.Jeff Goldblum does an excellent job as the dead-pan straight man who does'nt believe in monsters(same as Bill Murray who did'nt believe in ghosts in"Ghostbusters")and Ed Begley, also good as the monster believing neurotic.This movie would of been made from a bigger studio if there had been a bigger budget,cuz of the all-star cast.

Michael Richards is funny as the comedian butler,although he's been funnier on Seinfeld and in"UHF".John Byner,Carol Kane,Joseph Balogna,Geena Davis,Jeffery Jones and Theresa Ganzel are also good as a supporting cast.The plot is great,the characters are quirky but they work,the editing is fine,and the locations are adequate.The soundtrack even has its moments.Transylvania 65-000 is an 80's campy classic comedy.10 out of 10.

Clerks (1994)
I hate Dogma.But i love Clerks.Is'nt it Ironic?, 14 June 2002

Clerks was Kevin Smith's frist movie.An independant low-budget film made under $27,000,with sharp humor,excellent dialouge,dead-pan deliveries and scathing commentary on unemployed youth in New Jersey.The verdict is AWSOME.This movie is very funny.Lots of comedies from 1994 were good,such as Dumb and Dumber,but this was the best out of all.

The story involves Dante Hicks(Brian'O Halloran),a 22 year-old register jockey at a Quick Stop store in New Jersey.All in one day his life gets more complicated.He has to work on his day off,which forces him to play his hockey game on the store roof,he has a fight with his girlfriend cuz she sucked 37 d*cks,his best friend annoys him all day by coming into the store,making remarks and disregarding work at the video store,he finds out his ex-girlfriend is getting married,he has to deal with strange costumers,he smells like shoe polish and the shutters won't close.

Jeff Anderson is hilarius at the wisecracking Randall Graves,he manages to be sympathetic without trying and is the funniest charecter in the movie.His best scenes include reading porno titles infront of a mom and her little daughter,spitting water at a tabloid rambler and looking at Caitlyn Bree's butt without showing interest.

Jay and Silent Bob(Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith)have very little in this film but when they are around,their hilarius as usual.I can't believe this film bombed at the box-office,it should of been a huge hit but its only done well on video,which has given it cult status.But overall Clerks is a funny,sharp edged look at human issues in life,Kevin Smith has a gift for showcasing that stuff.Clerks is 10 out of 10.

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