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What a beautiful movie!!!, 5 December 2004

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Eddie a maintenance worker for an amusement park never knowing his purpose in life. Eddie life was always gets sidetrack for things he wanted, but never had achieved his goal. One day he dies by trying save a little girl in the amusement park under a ride about to fall on her and soul goes to heaven. As he goes to heaven, he meets five people who he met through his life. Eddie is asking them questions, that he does not know the answers for his life meaning. By meeting the five people individual basis, and Eddie's meaning to his destiny is getting clearer towards the end of the climax. The lesson to be learned that story is connected to one big story.

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After watching the movie on TV, I would to like pick copy of the book in the bookstore.

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A movie with much to talk about., 18 July 2004

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Fahrenheit 9/11 is the smartest movie, I have seen so far this year. This movie keep me thinking about how the people of world is focus in America and the people who in this country. I wonder how they think about us after what has been going on since the last three years with Bush being president of the USA. The 9/11 situation is just tip on the iceberg. Fahrenheit 9/11 goes beyond the headlines that Americans do not normally hear about the America's trouble with Iraq. Innocent civilians and military lives are being lost in Iraq for what? Oil? If you are an American like I am think twice before you vote, who do you want as your president for the next four years?

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The food is part of the blame., 15 June 2004

I had watch this film to understand why people eat fast food. Morgan Spurlock just name McDonald's as one of many fast food places making people. I give Morgan credit for doing this documentary pinpointing one of the problems of obesity in US, and subjecting himself to eating McDonald's for 30 days. Everyone is at risk eating this food and making the Health Care industry rich by eating the food. As Americans we do not exercise enough to maintain a healthy life style. When watching the film, you wonder what went wrong with the American dream, today compare ten or twenty years. It something to think about in many years to come. What can we do to solve this problem, before it gets out of control?

A good romantic comedy mystery movie., 25 March 2004

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte play two newspaper reporters, who are competing for news breaking stories from two different newspapers. I admire the way they act with each other through the plot of the movie. It would be interesting if Roberts and Nolte do a film together again. They are a good movie team for a film. It almost reminds of the old movies with Tracy and Hepburn, the they used to act during the 1940's and 1950's. The film is reminisce to time when movies had class on the screen. I like this movie to watch because it for your troubles and put them on hold for a while. It is not mind bending triller, but the film is enough to entertain you. Enjoy yourself to watch this film and ease your mind.

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A movie not for the faint of heart., 20 March 2004

This film is more than a religious movie, it is an event. I had watch movies about Christ's Crucifixion before this film. The Passion of the Christ follow the story through The Stations of the Cross. The other films seemed to be watered down to the pain Jesus felt dying on the cross. It is a film that make you think about rereading the Bible's readings for me, and getting know the people from Jesus' era. In somebody else they might it different, than what I saw in the film. I would not recommend for children and people who are used to watching any violence. The film very intense and graphic to watch on the screen. Mel Gibson made a well powerful film that has meaning to his intention audience.

Bad Santa (2003)
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I was disappointed in this movie., 16 January 2004

I though by look that the reviews of Bad Santa, it was good. My thinking was wrong. The story was not solid as rock. The plot dragged through the movie. It was a shame, that this was John Ritter last film. Leaving on a sad note. Bad Santa is a waste of talent and film. I cannot recommend this movie. Wait for Bad Santa on cable.

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I don't think the movie is offensive., 7 January 2004

Bruce Almighty is a good movie about God without saying about a certain religion. It is a comedy that makes you think of God in general sense of his power over man as well as the universe. Outer space lasts forever and so does God. Never reaching the end of time and space. To sum the movie up, I like it.

For a love of a book., 6 April 2003

I am not avid reader, but I enjoy watching the film. Mark Moskowitz is actor, director, producer, and screenwriter of the film Stone Reader. Moskowitz talks about various books through his youth in the film, that he remembers reading, but one book he wonders. What happen to the author after writing one book (The Stones of Summer by Dow Mossman)? Moskowitz searches for Mossman through the film and asks why stop after writing one book. An journey of a forgotten book that you never forget.

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The show is superficial., 23 March 2003

I watch a couple episodes of the shows on TV. I did not like how judge the people looks not their minds. This to me sends the wrong message to the viewing audience especially to young viewers. Nobody is perfect in this world everybody has their imperfections. I admit I watch Miss America but at least the women are honor for community involvement.

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A motion picture of art., 21 February 2003

I wanted to see this film in the theater, but after release on video finally saw it. The acting was not special even it was in French with English subtitles, the only thing I give credit to the director using outside painted background scenes with working with the actors. Using this style in the movie made the atmosphere of the picture. The acting could have been stronger using the full effect of the time period. It lack stress of emotions that the actors are feeling. The Lady and the Duke is worth watching if you like the feel of walking through art work. I would like to see more movies done this way provide that the acting is better.

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