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Squirm (1976)
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Groundbreaking, 14 February 2007

When I saw this movie, I thought that I had heard of every possible premise for a gross-out movie. I was wrong.

In this gem of cinematography, a swarm of earthworms have begun eating humans in a small town. Yes, you heard me right, the antagonist of this movie is a swarm of killer earthworms. Why didn't someone come up this concept before you might ask, because its STUPID!!

Where do I begin reviewing this masterpiece? It all begins when a storm knocks down some power lines, drawing all the earthworms in the area to the surface of the ground. I missed the part that explained why they begin eating people, but that is just what they do. That's pretty much it.

The script is bad. The directing is difficult to follow, too many cut-aways to the worms takes away any surprise this film has to offer.

The acting is horrendous. The director decided to go with Local Yokel actors, and it shows. Case in point, the bus driver in the very beginning of the movie, trust me it only goes down hill from there.

To sum it all up, this movie boldly went where no other movie dared to go, and payed the price. Absolute Chunk-Fest.

Norbit (2007)
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The tag line says it all., 13 February 2007

If you've ever made a big mistake, watching this movie will be another one.

Almost physically painful to watch.

Norbit isn't nearly as bad as The Adventures of Pluto Nash, but it's a hell of a lot worse than Beverly Hills Cop 3, which was awful! I could not stand all of the fat jokes, they were not like the jokes in the Nutty Professor, which were playful, if a little bit rude. These were just plain hateful. Don't get me wrong, I really like Eddie Murphy, and I was really hoping that he was going to dig himself out of the pit of below-average movies he's starred in lately. I missed Dream Girls, but I heard it was very good. Too bad he had to follow it up with this movie.

The plot is unoriginal, and the writing is very plain.

Wait for the DVD, get extremely drunk, and watch it then.