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Good for what it was trying to be.... A child friendly movie., 3 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some of you just don't get it. What did they have to do? Put a big stamp on the movie poster marked "Kid Friendly Godzilla".

Look guys this Godzilla movie was clearly made for children. Judging this movie against the more darker and mature films in the series is clearly missing the point. I mean just look at the Godzilla suit design. It clearly looks cute and far from scary. That was done on purpose. The monster fight scenes were purposely made comical. The music is also light and kid friendly. I thought this was obvious. Jet Jaguar is a kid's toy and the kid in the film even has the action figure version. Doesn't that make it obvious?

Fine. I can understand someone saying that they didn't like the childish direction this movie went but judging the movie as a 1970's era rubber monster film aimed at children; it's pretty good. I remember seeing this on TV as a kid in the early 1980's and I enjoyed it (as I'm sure most children did). They showed a lot Godzilla Saturday afternoon TV matinees in those days.

I'm guessing the negative reviews are from those who were perhaps born in the 1980's or later and never saw this movie on TV as a child. They watch the darker Godzilla films, and suddenly stumble on this one and have a negative reaction without considering it's original intent.

I still like this movie and I give it a solid 7 but mostly for nostalgia. To judge this movie with my adult mind wouldn't be fair.

It's a good 1970's live action Godzilla cartoon/toy commercial. If you look at it this way, how could you possibly give it one star?

C'mon guys lighten up.

'Nuff said.

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Didn't like it much. Weak., 18 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The biggest flaw I didn't like was the main hero Mike Traceur played by Justin Bruening. His character is too young and immature. I can't believe they would trust this kid with a car like KITT. I mean really with all his bad habits (gambling, womanizing, immaturity) they couldn't find anyone else more qualified? It seemed to me they gave him the car only because he's related to Michael Knight. The show just isn't believable.

The car is fine in IMO. OK I'm not a car fanatic so if the car looks cool it passes my test. The voice of KITT is good enough. The plot seemed too much like Dawson's Creek, Smallville or any other evening soap drama. It just didn't feel like Knight Rider should.

Mike Traceur's fighting skills are too good. The fight scenes are laughable. No one can touch this guy. I don't care if he's an Army Ranger; he can and should take more of a beating than he did. I don't like heroes that are too strong and cocky or I root against them and the viewer shouldn't do that. At least Michael Knight was more likable. Traceur is an A-hole.

I never really cared for any of the characters. Hasselhoff's cameo was OK but it didn't save the movie. I might watch the first episode to see if it improves but if it doesn't hook me in I'm gonna pass.

Bottomline: The movie was weak.

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"Guess you didn't hear the lady....did you boy?", 16 July 2004

Coogan's Bluff ranks as one of my favorite Eastwood films. Partly because of the time period & location which the story takes place. It's an excellent period piece. Late 1960's New York city in all it's Glory. I live in NYC and it's was nice to see the Pan Am Building in the backdrop. It's now the Met Life building. The Pan Am building was also the location of the final scene where the helicopter takes off.

The other reason I like this movie is that Eastwood is essentially playing Dirty Harry before Dirty Harry. Coogan is just like Harry Calahan without the 44. magnum. The story is solid but it's the locales and the situations that Coogan finds himself in that sell the movie. Who cares of it's dated? Of course it's dated but that's part of the experience. Actually most movies made more than 20 years ago (or less) are dated. If you look at it in the context of the time it was made then you'll enjoy it. Ignore the negative reviews and check it out.

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Not as good as Robotech: The New Generation, 28 May 2004

I enjoyed watching the Mospeada series but it's shallow compared to it's Robotech counterpart (Robotech:The New Generation (TNG)). Robotech:TNG is a small part of much larger epic saga. Mospeada on the other hand doesn't have that depth or build up. The plot is very shallow by comparison. Aliens called the Inbit invade Earth and plan to make it their new home. It's a story that's been done to death. At least in Robotech:TNG the reasons and background story of the alien Invid are explained better. In fact the explanation of the Invid invasion is told in the second saga. Long before Robotech:TNG. That's where the Robotech saga shows it's depth over any of the original three Japanese series. There is so much more background story in Robotech. In Mospeada not much is explained about the home world of the invaders. Also the Japanese have a thing for goofy names. Man are their (Mospeada) names horrible! C'mon, Stig Bernard? What the hell kind of name is Stig? Mint Rubble? Houquet Emrose? Geez man.

Almost all of the Robotech names were big improvements over the originals. Let's compare some of them:

Stig (stick) Bernard (Mospeada) - Scott Bernard (Robotech)

Mint Rubble (Mospeada) - Annie (Robotech) ('Mint' was a nick name)

Yellow Belmont(Mospeada) - Lancer (Robotech)(Yellow Dancer was an alias)

Houquet Emrose (Mospeada) - Rook Bartley (Robotech)

Rainy Boy (Mospeada)(Fruity name for a Killer) - Dusty Aires (Robotech)

Batra (Mospeada) (Sounds too feminine for a male. Yep, it's a guy) - Corg (Robotech)

I like the names Rey and Jim Austin from Mospeada. They are two of the few characters they managed to give decent names to. The creators must have been sober when thought these names up. Thank goodness.

The Robotech actors were great. Couldn't have been better. The Mospeada actors are just what you would expect from Japanese actors. A lot of over acting especially from the women. I'd take the Robotech cast any day over Mospeada's. To correct the previous reviewer: Robotech:TNG is not an 'Edit' of Mospeada. It's has a unique and more complex background story. Robotech:TNG is part of a much larger series and has more depth because of it.

Seriously though it's good series but it doesn't beat the Robotech version in anyway. Mospeada did a horrid job on the names and several other things in the series. It didn't hamper my enjoyment of it because I was able to look past them. If you can't tolerate Japanese actors and the goofy names; check out Robotech instead. I think Robotech improved all of the three original series from which it was based. Especially the plot and characters. There is no contest for me. It's Robotech all the way. Mospeada today is almost forgotten while Robotech is making a come back. Not that Robotech was ever dead. The comics never stopped.

Watch the 86 episodes of the Robotech series first and then hunt down the original 3 series. Beware though. After watching Robotech you may not want to bother to watch the original 3 Japanese series.

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These Are The Galaxy Rangers! Ride With Them...., 26 May 2004

I remember the opening theme for this show. I can't seem to remember any particular episodes though. I do remember this show being above and beyond

almost all the other cartoons at the time. Robotech was better, but nothing else I've seen. This was one of the few 80's cartoons that didn't insult your intelligence. Check it out if you can. Although I wouldn't get my hopes for a DVD release. Not likely to happen. The original master tapes of this cartoon are probably decomposing in a studio archive vault somewhere.

Someone earlier mentioned that Galaxy Rangers pre-dated the cartoon\toy tie-in craze. That's not true. The toy cartoon\tie-ins you see now, began in the early 80's. The toys were made before many of the 80's cartoons were even produced yet. He-Man comes to mind but that's another story.

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Good B-movie Noir., 16 May 2004

This is one of my favorite noir films. I don't like the ending much but I do like everything else.

I have to disagree with an earlier reviewer who said the bank job failed due to luck instead of a poorly thought out or executed plan. The job failed for one reason. Earl Slater. Slater didn't give Ingram the keys to the getaway's car. Think about it. Ingram was wisely selected by Burke to get the car after the heist for a reason. Ingram was the only one of the three who could leave the bank and not arouse much attention. He was dressed in a waiter uniform and the waiter had a reason (delivering coffee) for going to the bank after hours. The plan fell apart when the cop saw Burke come out of the bank. He didn't have a good reason for being in the bank at night and he was dressed like a hunter. This also leads to Ingram and Slater not being able to escape the scene using the car because Slater gave Burke the keys.

It was Slater's bigotry which screwed up the plan. Although Burke should have never chosen Slater in the first place. He knew Slater was a bigot. Anyway, a good B-movie Noir produced by Harry Belafonte.

"Robotech" (1985)
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Robotech is more enjoyable than any of the three original series., 10 May 2004

Actually the original Japanese Macross series was NOT an immediate success. It did flop initially. The other two original series that made up Robotech (Mospeada and Southern Cross) are flops period. This is why Carl Macek had the approval of the original Japanese producers to change the Macross source material. Do you see any other anime that's as drastically rewritten as Robotech? The answer is no. It's unheard of. These shows were originally flops that's why they were allowed to be changed so much. I own many episodes of the original Macross series and even that lame(and very boring) Macross movie: "Do you Remember Love". I dare you to tell me this movie was good. It was torture to sit through it (damn was it long). The original Macross is not as deep a series as Robotech is. Macross wasn't meant to be. Macek added so much background to the Robotech saga that it's much more complex then any of the three original series.

None of the characters in the original Macross are better developed than their Robotech counterparts. The names for the characters in Macross are horrible. Robotech's Rick Hunter is named Hikaru in Macross. Maximilian Sterling is named a goofy an overly descriptive name like Maximilian Jenius (Genius get it?). Lisa Hayes is named Misa Hayase. None of these characters look the least bit Japanese. So why the Japanese names? I'm sure some of the characters are not even Asian. Figure that one out.

Macross isn't anymore adult than Robotech is. If you believe that Macross is, then your deluding yourself. The same loss of life, love relationships occur in both series. As a watcher of Robotech and Macross, I wouldn't say Robotech or Macross is more mature then the other. That would be silly. I do say that Macross isn't as deep as Robotech is. Carl Macek took three series ranging from good to just OK and made them deeper by linking them together on the common element of Protoculture. Macross (and the other two series) would have probably flopped here in America if it was released in 1984. I just think most people would have passed on it.

I like the original Macross but Robotech with it's more interesting characters and the many novels and comic series which followed provided me with much more enjoyment. By the way, just because Japan has produced a lot of video games based on Macross doesn't mean it's a hit. Japan has and continues to produce many video game series based on very obscure and sometimes downright awful anime and Manga. Even if a series has a small cult following they will make a game or a series of games based on it anyway. Anyone who buys import Japanese video games knows this. So that alone doesn't mean squat.

My adult mind still enjoys the Robotech saga much more than the original Macross series. That's a fact.

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A prime example of classic Hollywood Yellow Face run amok., 12 February 2004

I find movies like Dragon Seed hard to watch. It's a shame Hollywood thought White actors could portray Asians better than Asians. They could have at least cast Keye Luke in one of the roles. Not one asian is listed in the credits; only some white actors who regularly portrayed asians like J. Carol Naish. I didn't think any of the caucasians looked asian. Especially Hepburn. At best they looked as chinese Sidney Toler or Warner Oland from the Charlie Chan films which means not very good. If you can look past this, the movie was actually good for what was. Dragon Seed comes across as racist and contrived without real asians and that hurts it.

The previous person's (Thomas Gulch) comments are silly and bigoted. For your information Mr. Gulch there were plenty of examples of movies from the thirties and forties where lily White actors portrayed Black people using Black face. Here are two examples: Pinky (1949) and Babes in Arms (1939). As for your first comment anyone with a brain knows that picketing with signs was one of the major ways Blacks got any changes to occur in this country. If the chinese did the same thing they would get similar results. Stop trying to pit Asians against Blacks because both groups along with Latinos and Indians were all discriminated against by Whites. Your comment " I guess it's todays equivalent of protraying all Egyptians as negroes". What the hell are you talking about? This is the sentence that labels you a bigot. For your information most of the Hollywood movies about Egypt have White actors in the lead and supporting roles. Ever see Cleopatra played by the very white Elizabeth Taylor and also features a White supporting cast? Or The Ten Commandments with White actors playing the Egyptians? I don't know what rock you've been hiding under for the past thirty years but the term Negroes isn't used anymore Thomas Gulch. Or is your name Archie Bunker? Hollywood wasn't concerned about offending any minority group including Blacks. Mr. Gulch, you like all bigots speak from ignorance. Try not to sound like a jackass next time.

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Dean Cain is the worst Superman in history. Bar none., 24 January 2004

I'll only comment on why Superman was terrible in this series.

Where do I start? Let's start with Superman or lack thereof. They cast Dean Tanaka. Oh excuse me Dean Cain. Why? C'mon they couldn't find someone taller with better acting chops? Of all the previous Supermen on screen Dean Cain is the worst. He's too short. I think his bio says 6ft. but I think that's an exaggeration. He looks more like 5'9. He and Terri Hatcher are practically the same height. What's with the hair grease? Nevermind, I don't wanna know.

That damn costume is the worst ever. Don't they know how Superman's costume is supposed to look? Dean's costume looks almost purple instead of blue . And he wears shiny red COWBOY BOOTS!! The belt buckle is supposed to be circular but they screwed that up. The cape is way too long. The cape makes the vertically challenged Cain look like a Krypton midget. The 'S' on his chest is way too big and it's not even sewed on in the right place. You know there is no excuse for them screwing up the costume. All they had to do was look at Christopher Reeves costume or better yet buy a Superman comic book for chump change at a local news stand.

Dean Cain has a black belt in arm folding. He can't do a Superman scene without folding his arms. I don't have to tell you why the flying sequences suck but I will anyway. There were none. We instead get treated to state of the art scenes of Cain hopping and flapping his cape to the sound of wind blowing sound effects.

Need I say more? Dean Cain is the worst Superman in history.

Final Fight (1989) (VG)
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Final Fight: The first Beat em' up to steal Double Dragon's crown., 2 January 2004

Final Fight ruled the 2 player beat em' up genre when it was released in 1989. The previous beat em' up king Double Dragon was improved upon in almost every way. Final Fight had better graphics, better music, more fighters, more fighting moves, better locales, better enemies and the list goes on and on.

The 3 fighters in Final Fight had personality which was something Billy and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon didn't have. The 3 Fighters consisted of Cody (boyfriend of Haggar's kidnapped daughter) , Guy (Cody's friend), and Haggar (Mayor of Metro city). Each fighter had a unique fighting style and strengths(another improvement over DD). My personal fave was Cody. I once beat the whole game with Cody without losing a single life.

Guy's advantage is his foot and hand speed.

Haggar's advantage is his powerful attacks and wrestling holds.

Cody's advantage is his equal combination of speed and power, though he isn't quite as fast as Guy or as strong as Haggar. His greatest advantage is his skill with knives and is the only fighter who can stab repeatedly with one. The other 2 fighter's just throw the knives. I've cleared a whole level of thugs with just a knife alone.


The best home version of this classic is for the Sega CD and it's called "Final Fight CD" (the japanese version). You'll need a japanese convertor cartridge to play it though. Final Fight CD has everything the arcade had and better music. There is a USA version but the Blood, liquor bottles, some graffiti and scantily clad women have been edited or taken out completely. Blood is replaced by sweat, Liquor bottles are replaced by milk bottles, Some Graffiti is covered up, and the scantily clad women have been given less revealing clothes. Not to mention the english voice acting is horrible. The japanese version has japanese voices but the actors put more feeling into their acting. Trust me. Get the Japanese version only. Overall Final Fight CD (japanese) for Sega CD is actually better than the arcade.

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