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The best of the Unplugged series, 24 March 2002

Out of the dozens of MTV unplugged performances there were two that stuck out in my mind as the best. The number two spot goes to Eric Clapton. An excellent show by the guitar marksman. But the number one in my opinion would be the Alice In Chains Unplugged. By far the best, this performance shows no matter how far down from the top you think you are, some of the best can come out it. Take Layne Staley for example, the period of time when he was seriously losing the battle against drugs (particulary heroin) he comes out of the dark and puts on a spectacular once in a lifetime performance. Just when you think Alice In Chains are gone and lost, April 1996 comes by. There's alot of humor in the performance as well as interactive comments with the crowd, particulary after messing up on the first take of 'Sludge Factory', an audience member yells "hey, quit f---in this up!" Even Layne's attempt at humor early in the show saying "Now we're going to break to, uh, an LL Cool Jay video, so" was kind of funny. Overall it was a great show. I have gotten the chance to see Jerry Cantrell in concert, but not with Alice In Chains. I've always wanted to though. Someday maybe. Is Alice In Chains done? Or do they have another chapter to write in their incredible history? All I know is, the 400 people in attendence to this concert sure were lucky. That's all I have to say about that.

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Why take so long to make a 3rd?, 8 November 2001

This movie was good nonetheless, but why wait 13 years to make another one? After waiting for about 5 years for a third movie after seeing parts one and two, I was kind of disappointed that I would probably not see another one, but after a 13 year wait, I finally got my wish. This movie didn't have the plot-structure as the first one which would probably hint as to why it was no where near as successful. It was good to see Dundee (Hogan) in a different venue other then the played out scene of New York. It was also good to see Hogan in another theatre release, since he really hadn't appeared in one since he starred with Elijah Wood in 1996's Flipper. Another person I was happy to see again was Sue's character played by Hogan's real-life wife, Linda Kozlowski. Even after 13 years she is still a very beautiful and attractive woman. With the release of this, I wouldn't be surprised if Paul Hogan tried to stay in the spotlight again by releasing a sequel to another one his movies. Lightning Jack 2 or maybe even a Flipper 2. That would be entertaining. Nevertheless, Paul Hogan remains my favorite Aussie actor.

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This movie was terrible, 8 November 2001

No offense to you Planet of the Apes fans, but I expected a little more out of this one. If your going to remake a movie, then you need to attempt to make it even better then the original. Mark Wahlberg is a very talented actor, but was not the best to play the character he played in the movie. I thought this one along with Ishtar was probably one of the most un-necessary movies in film history. I mean c'mon, that's like making a Problem Child 3!

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One of my favorite TV shows, 8 November 2001

Family Matters was always one of my favorite TV shows. It was a good show to watch in the 9 years in was on the air. It was amazing to see these kids grow up on screen as the same with Full House. TGIF was a great night of television back then (Friday nights) and I always looked forward to watching. Urkel was a favorite of mine. I think I even had the Steve Urkel doll!

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Top-line prison movie, 8 November 2001

For some just the name of this prison gives excitement. 'The Rock' as they call it was the most famous prison around in that time and still is today. This is my favorite Clint Eastwood movies and is in my top-20 of all time. It is kind of a thriller in a way. The constant chance of Morris (Eastwood) getting caught was an edge-of-your-seat kind of feeling. The fact that they actually filmed the movie on Alcatraz Island was amazing. Alot of movies have not been able to actually film in the places where they have actually taken place. If you haven't seen this one yet, I suggest you go and rent it. I got lucky enough to get it on tape a while back for 5 bucks.

I always liked Jim Varney, 8 November 2001

It was with this film that made me a big "Ernest" fan. I was so excited with the release of every Ernest movie. Jim Varney was a funny and talented person . This movie was actually a pretty funny one and I thought the best part of the movie was when they were making all of the traps (and the giant bus-assault vehicle) were great ending. It would be nice if they ever did come out with a behind the scenes kind of video of all of Jim Varney's movies. This was a great start to my favorite set of comedies.

A good introduction to a great actor, 8 November 2001

I think Paul Hogan is not as highly recognized for being the talented actor he is. I remember when I first saw Crocodile Dundee back in 1986. I was 6 years old, and a movie about a man who caught and fought Crocs with his bare hands was every kid's hero. This movie remains in my top 20 favs of all-time. I wish they would release a special DVD with outtakes and deleted scenes or perhaps some commentary. It was a good start to a great set of movies.

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The best trilogy of all-time, 8 November 2001

In my opinion I thought the Indiana Jones trilogy was among the best of all time. My favorite was "Temple Of Doom". It was kind of creepy, but also an exciting adventure flick. I bought the box set when it first came out on video. I hope Steven Spielberg releases a special edition DVD set soon. I want to see all of the extras!

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Andre The Great, 6 November 2001

Although Andre The Giant (AKA Andre Rousimoff) did not play in a lot of movies, he will always be remembered for enormous size, but most importantly, his enormous heart. Andre did a pretty good job acting despite having problems speaking at times, but was known as the 'lovable giant' to many. I'll always remember him for the truly large character he played (in WWF), Andre The Giant. Rest in peace big guy.

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A great movie masterpiece, 6 November 2001

Frankly I have to say, I'm not much of a Robert Redford fan. I've only seen maybe two of his movies. But I think I have missed out a bit, because he truly is a talented actor. "The Last Castle" proves his great acting abilities. It's great to see Redford back in front of a camera, rather then behind it. James Gandolfini poses as a good supporting 'evil' actor in his best performance since starting "The Sapronos". Delroy Lindo, man I haven't seen him in a good film since 1997's "Ransom". For some reason I like prison movies (Shawshank Redemption being a fav.) so I really did enjoy this one. I guess the next one on my list is "Spy Games" with Redford and Brad Pitt. I would tell anyone to go and check this film out. It's worth the 6 bucks.

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