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Doomsday (2008)
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Big story told in a small way, 17 May 2008

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It all started out so well, whilst not an original concept, it did look as if it was going to be told in an original way. And so it was for a while, but it drifted into Mad Max on Haggis, with wild editing that made me lose focus on what was actually happening. Or perhaps nothing much was happening.

Mitra stars as a tough drug enforcement cop, abandoned by mum at the start of a deadly epidemic which results in all of Scotland being cut off from the rest of the world, a fact that surprisingly doesn't seem to concern the rest of the UK. (How's that as a metaphor for English/Scottish politics??) She played this role with gusto and there were good supporting roles from a relatively unknown cast. Bob Hoskins played to type, but then there's nothing wrong with that. Overall, however, I came away thinking that so much more could have been made of the story. I was left with the same feeling after this film as I was after Dog Soldiers - good idea, but not quite lived up to expectations

21 (2008)
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Not quite an Ace, 14 April 2008

A great young cast tell a whirlwind story that zips in places, but drags slightly in others. Kevin Spacey steals the show as the mastermind behind the MIT card-counting team (who are all remarkably glamorous - wonder if they were in real life?) The cinematography captured the bright lights of Vegas particularly well and the sheer fun and excitement of what they were doing was well communicated to the audience. It plays the twists and turns in a similar way to the Ocean's series and there was a flavour of those here. My 12 year-old son thought it was great and although there were some adult themes it was played in an easy-going harmless style.

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Decent Thriller, 14 April 2008

David Duchovney creates a role that he was to replicate somewhat in Californication - the troubled talent. And it is a role he plays well.

This thriller starts off at a good speed and carries you through to the end. Timothy Hutton plays a fine villain and Angelina Jolie pouts. The story of a disgraced doctor finding his way into a criminal world is well scripted. Drug addiction and a desire for the sultry Jolie mix a heady cocktail. Unfortunately towards the end the story gets a little weaker and the relationships between villains and the FBI is muddled and rushed as if it was created only to develop the final scene. But, that aside, a movie worth seeing.

Hard Candy (2005)
Well acted thriller but wildly implausible, 11 April 2008

I couldn't really buy into the premise of this film. Reminded me a little of 8MM , another tale of a shocking sexual underworld created from a middle class world view. The interplay between the two leads was impressive and Ellen Page created a truly scary Annie Wilkes (Misery) obsessiveness. The camera-work drifting across the room using the photographers screen as a fade in and out was a good touch and the 'operation' had me squirming on my sofa. There may have been many people watching who thought this type of vigilante action was liberating, but the relationship between victim and perpetrator was always complex and for that reason alone it took this film into the category of 'should see'

Jumper (2008)
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Doubt there'll be a sequel, 6 March 2008

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I have to admit that I never rated Chistensen in Star Wars, but he is beginning to establish his sullen/spoiled-child character and there will probably be many other films where this will be needed. It is a shame he doesn't seem to have more in his repertoire, but perhaps I'm being unfair.

The premise of the story - that a person can jump to anywhere - is simple but surprisingly unexciting. He robs banks, but never finds himself in the showers at the Playboy mansion. He likes to stay anonymous, but suddenly appears in the middle of crowds. It just didn't ring true and even fantasy films should be believable.

Jamie Bell shone and his character could have been explored to a greater extent, as could the history of the Paladins - enemies of the Jumpers. However, that may be planned for a sequel, but I doubt the studios will opt for one.

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Over time this will increase in popularity, 14 March 2007

Not sure I should admit this, but i've seen this film a few times. I didn't rate it much when I first saw it, but it has characterisations that grow on you after a second and third watch. It was panned in the British media as the worst film ever made (probably by people who hadn't seen it) but the real reason was middle england's view that arts subsidies should only go to bringing down £100 opera seats to £90, not to make crude films. Johnny Vegas is fantastic, but McKenzie Crook steals it as the put-upon sexual plaything, Ferris. The emotionless portrayal of sex is bold in that it is amongst real everyday folk, not glamorous soft-core. Ignore the press and enjoy it for what it is - a good modern comedy

Outlaw (2007)
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Disturbing on more than 1 level, 14 March 2007

This isn't a great film and I was never quite sure whether it meant to be a study of the dark underbelly of disaffected Britain or a crude vigilante flick. A lot of reviewers here have been dismissive of it, but I think it had fleeting touches of real power. Unfortunately, they did not build into anything of substance.

The gang members did not convince and their behaviour took the film into a strange fantasy-land world.

Sean Bean made a reasonable stab at a two dimensional character and a better script would have brought this to life. Supporting cast made a fair stab at it, but all-in-all an opportunity missed.

Epic Movie (2007)
I could have written this script in my lunch-hour, 12 February 2007

Not all films need to be intelligent and thought-provoking. A bit of simple fun is a great way to relax for 90 minutes, but this film was the worst I've ever seen. It was a like a sixth-form revue, except it had better sets. I hadn't expected great things, but it says something when the site gags get more laughs (few that they were from the audience in my cinema)than the script itself. There wasn't one original idea. After American Dreamz, I thought it couldn't get much lower, but this has ploughed depths not seen Captain Nemo visited the Centre of the Earth. When a film says that it is written by two of the six writers from Scary Movie, why does it have to be the two who wrote the lunch menus and not the ones who wrote the gags? I've wasted money on some things in my life, very rarely on a cinema ticket, but I did this time.