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What an eye-opener, 1 November 2004

What a great series {so far}. Well done to the cast & all the many others associated/involved with this series. Both my parents were caught up in the war: My Dad was in the RAF, & my mum being nine years younger was evacuated from Portsmouth to an Aunt who lived in the 'country'. I never knew what a 'funk hole' was until watching this series, & when I mentioned it to my Mum, she quite calmly said 'oh yes we all knew about them'. I'm sure others may think that some things are not accurate, but books don't always tell the truth: if ever in doubt ask someone who lived through this time period. Let's hope series three lives up to the other two.

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Great Fun, 1 March 2004

A great film, especially for fans of comic heroes. Giving the role of Allan Quartermain to Sean Connery was a great idea: he looks as if he really enjoyed making the film. Loved the idea of mixing so may characters from books: Capt Nemo, Allan Quartermain, Dr Jekyll (his counterpart Hyde} plus many others. Infact I would say it's better to watch the film with others so that you can have fun trying to work out who is from which book: & believe me there are quite a few. Ok, so the special effects weren't the best I've seen, but who cares, it certainly didn't detract from the film. The Invisible Man {Skinner} effects were probably the best. A film that doesn't make you think "What is going on?", or "who is who",: great to watch when the old brain cells need a rest!