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Truly a cult classic, 11 February 2007

I love this movie, regardless of all of the campy errors and mistakes, i can watch this over and over again. Allison Hayes delivers some of the most incredible picture stills. When she is breaking out from the roof of her house, her beauty mark just says hey. Her face as she is looking through the window at the hotel, and even when she is walking behind the electricity tower before getting shot down are just gorgeous.

So it was campy, it's the 50's, technology was not as advanced as today but to re-make this movie with Darryl Hannah was a mistake.

This "Cult Classic" should be put on DVD (hint, hint) and digitally enhanced, try to fix the mistakes, if possible and re-issue this movie. Trust me it has a following, also the main score gives the movie the scary touch.I heard the score in another sci-fi movie, recognized it immediately but the effect was not the same.

Someone mentioned the poster, which i have and i had it matted; it looks incredible and its a conversation piece.

Someone put this on DVD! Allison Hayes and this Movie Rocks!