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What a complete waste of time!, 7 February 2010

Since too much has already been written about this crap, I'll confine myself to some key points:

- Story: Thin to non-existent. Plot holes and logical blunders abound.

- Script: Complete failure. Just a succession of scenes without a coherent narrative.

- Acting: Mediocre and miscast (although I usually like both Law and Downey).

- Chemistry between characters: Completely non-existent.

- Action: Too many boring fight scenes, just for the sake of it.

- Humor: Got very thin very fast. Tried to be witty but failed miserably.

- Length: About two hours – felt like three. Boring. Paralysing.

- Visuals: Some good shots of industrial London. CGI became quite dull soon, however.

Seriously, save your time and money!