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The Island (2006)
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The Prayer of the Heart, 11 February 2007

Some scenes in this film have an almost Bergman-like quality to them. I had anticipated that somehow the clergy depicted would be subjected to at least subtle ridicule, which has become common practice in most films produced in the West. Refreshingly, this was not the case. I had never suspected that a work of such spiritual dynamism could arise so soon from the ashes of the Soviet Union. The main characters were presented as spiritually honest people, who consciously struggled with their human weaknesses. The presentation of Russian Orthodox monastic practice was quite intriguing and instructive. A second viewing of the film clarifies some of Fr. Anatoly's peculiar behavior, which proves to be clairvoyant.

The movie also is available on DVD with English subtitles. Currently, you will need a DVD player that plays all regions to view. Maybe, someday this film will be dubbed in English, which would make this excellent work available to a wider audience.