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Dredd (2012)
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(High) Explosive, 7 September 2012

Having feverishly waited in anticipation (skulking around IMDb, snapping at each morsel with fanboy delight) it was a joy to finally sit down in the auditorium; with Judge Dredd badge pinned humorously to my DK 'Bedtime For Democracy' T-shirt (chortle).

The film starts with some spoken exposition, although where there was once James Earl Jones, we now have Urban. Establishing scenes of chaos evoke familiarity, as Mega-City One channels more current, turbulent times. Herein we are thrust into the Iron Lawman's world, and he wastes no time in dispensing justice most radical.

Olivia Thirlby is introduced as Anderson, the rookie assigned to Dredd for assessment. She is played as Dredd's emotive foil (much like the comics). Whereas in '95, William Wisher moaned that " if I couldn't care about him (Dredd), how could I hope to convince anyone else to?"--Bunk line of thinking, creep!--here we circumnavigate that with Anderson's character arc. Dredd is a hard-assed, business-as-usual guy, with the voice to match. Only rarely did his dialogue verge on the gorgonzola.

The film is an unashamed, stripped back actioner with cinematography and music elevating it far above genre requirements. Think 'Drive', with the electronic score and city shots, but scorched of gloss. DREDD is tough and that's reflected in the architecture, the uniform, and the hardware. The judges rightfully look intimidating and brutal, and the closer-quartered combat, I felt, emphasised this. I also enjoyed the wacky array of citizens, a killer 2000AD touch.

I've ran right of steam now, but overall, great film and look forward to watching it again. The film is a straight up 8, but warrants an IMDb 10 out of principle.

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Shitemare City, 18 July 2010

Having just finished watching this piece of total dreck, I felt it completely necessary to write a damning review of it. A review as disjointed as the film itself.

Listing everything this film did wrong would be almost as mind-numbing as the genuine article, and therein the first problem lies. It's absolutely BORING. Set-pieces featuring shoddily made-up ghouls knifing stupid victims are repeated ad-infinitum, and I can't believe I'm even saying that as if it's a bad thing. The characters are unbelievably dull,the plot is total dross and the gore is generally mediocre, with a few exceptions nearer the end. I'm easily pleased, and the aforementioned gore shots would normally have swayed my caustic opinion were they in any other film. However, even as I was temporarily elated, my hatred for the 'film' was nowhere near neutralised.

Yes, you come to a film such as Nightmare City expecting not high art, but B-movie violence, bloodshed and laughs; as a genre fan I appreciate this. I love, for example, Zombi III/ Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, even if it is widely slated. Zombie Lake and Zombie Nosh, again, perfectly acceptable trashfests. Lack of plot or bad acting should never be a deterrent as long as the film entertains. Nightmare City is a chief offender in the plot and acting stakes, but the fact that it just plain totally sucks is why I hated it.

NOTE: Any problems or inconsistencies with this review can be attributed to the utter brain-rot I have just endured.

Deadly Tantrum (2006) (V)
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pretty good, 17 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i found this film through myspace, and i gotta say it was well worth a look; clocking in at about 5 minutes, it details the story of a psychotic mad-'man' with a penchant for powertools and jigsaw-esquire elaborate traps, as well as the cop out to stop him striking. This throwback to 80's shlock gives me renewed faith in UK indie horror, and features some not-too-shabby make-up/gore FX (of course , don't expect a blood-splattered epic, bearing in mind the run-time). on the downside, some of the camera-work/editing looked a bit on the amateurish side, but that is the only gripe in what is otherwise an enjoyable li'l short