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Akayla (1991)
A lesser effort from Ramesh Sippy, 3 February 2016

At the time there must have been a huge buzz surrounding Akayla as it was directed by Ramesh Sippy, who directed Amitabh Bachan in Sholay, Shaan and Shakti. This movie also reunited Big B with Shashi Kapoor, who were last seen in Yash Chopra's Silsila. Unfortunately the end product is a pretty average effort. To be honest I hadn't seen it in it's entirety for at least a decade.

As a movie it shouldn't have worked at all but it remains watchable thanks to Big B, who carries the movie on his shoulders. He is really intense in this movie, which is what the audience at the time expected at the time from him. That said even he isn't able to salvage the mediocre material. He is supported by a decent cast in supporting roles, consisting of Jackie Shroff, Meenakshi, Amrita Singh and Aditya Pancholi and a special appearance by Helen.

There isn't really a script to speak of really, the entire movie is basically Amitabh confronting the villains again and again. The main villain himself, Keith Stevenson is very weak. I am wondering why the directors went for him when they could have found a better villain like Amrish Puri or Raza Murad etc. Stevenson really hams it up with a double role. The songs are decent, particularly Aag lag jaye, which is a great song.

All in all I think without Big B's performance it would have been a much worse movie than it is.

Beta (1992)
Indra Kumar's best, 23 January 2016

Family dramas like this one were all the rage in the 80's/early 90's so on paper Beta would have felt like more of the same. Beta however is heads and shoulders above other movies of it's kind thanks to the cast.

Aruna Irani deserves a very special mention, she was superb in a negative role and in my opinion this is her best performance. Madhuri is also tremendous, the scenes between her and Aruna Irani are electric. Anil Kapoor does well too in the male lead but in my opinion he is overshadowed by the two women. Among the supporting actors the late Lakmikant Berde deserves a special mention as he is hilarious in this movie whilst Anupum Kher does well in a negative role.

The songs are simply excellent, particularly Dhak dhak karne laga and Koyal se teri boli.

Yes the ending is a tad bit too melodramatic and unrealistic but that's what the audiences went for at the time.

Indra Kumar has made some pretty enjoyable movies like Dil, Ishq, Mann and Masti but Beta is without a doubt my favourite from him

He did very recently try to make another melodrama Super Naani but the movie was a total washout. I seriously believe that these days nobody would go for movies like Beta, they were most definitely a product of their time in the nicest way possible.

I revisited it only a few days ago after having not seen it in at least two decades and it was just as good as I remembered.

So on a closing note I would just like to say that Beta is without a doubt one of the best Anil Kapoor- Madhuri collaborations.

Maqsad (1984)
A pretty typical 80's Bollywood blockbuster, 26 July 2015

Maqsad when released became a huge success and it's not hard to figure out why. It had everything the movie going public would have wanted from a Bollywood movie (action, comedy,romance and drama). Reviewing it 30 years on and after I have seen it for the first time I can't say I enjoyed it all that much. Maybe it's because after watching so many blockbusters from the 80's, I have become somewhat cynical towards them. For instance Shreeram Lagoo at the start depressing over their poor status frankly annoyed me. Plotwise it is pretty much all over the place, with the writer trying to cram in as much as they can into the movie. The movie doesn't really get going until almost two hours into the movie when someone is killed. The music, by Bhappi Lahiri wasn't that remarkable either. It is however worth watching just for the superb cast consisting of Jeetendra, Rajesh Khanna, Jaya Pradha, Sridevi and a supporting cast of well known names like Om Shivpuri, Waheeda Rehman, Amjad Khan, Shreeram Lagoo and a special appearance from Shatraughan Sinha. Prem Chopra, Ranjeet, Kadr Khan and Shakti Kapoor provide the mandatory villainy for a Bollywood blockbuster of the 80's. They go through the motions basically, nothing special to make them stand out among the standard Bollywood villains. I can understand that movie making has changed vastly over the years and Maqsad was clearly a product of it's time. Maybe if I had seen the movie in my childhood then I would have had a much different opinion of it.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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All in all a bitter disappointment, 25 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I haven't reviewed something on IMDb for quite a while but after seeing Iron Man 3 today I felt compelled to express my thoughts on it. First of all let me say that this is my first 2013 release that I've seen. I really liked Iron Man and also quite liked Iron Man 2 so I was quite looking forward to seeing the third instalment. This is the first Iron Man movie Jonathan Favreau didn't direct, I really feel that if he had decided to direct the third instalment we would have been given a better movie than this debacle. All in all I frankly thought it was positively dire on all levels. The returning cast members I felt weren't really up to scratch. Special mention to Paltrow who I've always felt was badly miscast as Pepper Potts. The villains I thought were incredibly poor in this one. I really felt there was no meat to their characters whatsoever and no special character trait that would make them awesome villains. Pearce I thought was disappointing but the biggest disappointment was from Ben Kingsley. He basically did what he's been doing for years, pimping himself for Hollywood in substandard movies in insignificant roles that do nothing for his career. To sum my thoughts in one sentence I just felt it lacked the emotional power of the previous Iron Man movies, I didn't really care for any of the characters.

Without giving too much away the one thing that surprised me was the conclusion. I can only hope that my next cinema experience is better than this one, although it wouldn't have to do very much to surpass it. All in all a very bitter disappointment. My rating for Iron Man 3: 5.5/10

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The greatest cartoon of all time bar none, 8 October 2011

I adore The Flintstones, loved it as a child and love it as an adult. The plot is relatively simple, it deals with neighbours and best friends, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble and their wives, Wilma and Betty. In a way Fred and Barney are like an old married couple, they fall out in almost every episode yet they end up calling a truce towards the end only to fall out in the next episode. What really works for the show is Fred and Barney's different personalities, Fred is hot tempered one but ultimately good at heart whilst Barney is the easy going comedian(his wisecracks provide some of Flintstones best comedy moments).

They live in the Stone age but they still have appliances we have nowadays, only they're run by an animal of some kind. For instance the shower would be operated by a elephant. It started of with just The Flintstones and the Rubbles but as the seasons went on the family started to get bigger and bigger, The Flintstones had a baby girl called Pebbles whilst the Rubbles adopted a boy called Bamm Bamm. In the last season another character was introduced called the Great Gazoo. The Flintstones for me will never get boring and I will continue to love the show.

Kurbaan (2009)
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Very underrated Karan Johar production, 20 April 2011

Since the success of Aamir Khan's Fanaa there has been a surge of terrorist themed Bollywood movies, (A Wednesday, New York and now Kurbaan). I've deliberately left out My Name is Khan because it wasn't about the terrorist themselves but about how the common man is affected by their actions. I remember Yash Raj's New York came out now long before Kurbaan and was a pretty big hit. Maybe that's the reason why Kurbaan went largely unnoticed. Another reason could be that it lacks the hallmarks of a Karan Johar production. In a typical Karan Johar movie there's plenty of songs and dancing. and occasionally funny in places. It's a shame really because it's far better than I expected.

Where Kurbaan excels is that it is a far more brutal movie than any of the terrorist themed Bollywood movies I've mentioned. In a typical terrorist themed Bollywood movie someone would come along and stop the bomb from exploding or the terrorist would have a sudden change of heart. In Kurbaan the bombs do actually explode and many are injured or killed. The highlight for was not any of the main leads(they were all great however) but it was Om Puri. I've never ever seen him act so serious in the movie but I suppose his role as the leader required him to do that. On a end note I would encourage fans of Bollywood to see this movie, you won't regret it.

Once a compelling show, now it's run out of steam, 5 April 2011

I haven't reviewed anything on IMDb for a long while and I thought it's high time I returned with one of my reviews. Brothers and sisters was a show I wasn't exactly anticipating for a long time, I happened to be flicking through channels one night when the pilot was airing and there was nothing else on so I gave it a shot I instantly became hooked. It has to be said it is a flawed TV show, the show I feel is pretty repetitive. The first season was all about the illegitimate daughter of William Walker, Rebecca. The show prolonged it for a while and when it was revealed that she wasn't his daughter another illegitimate child pops out of the woodwork. Secondly I have never seen such an unlucky family, in almost every season a family member gets a deadly disease.In the latest season aired in the UK Kitty Walker is diagnosed with a disease and the family is forced to rally around her.

Enough of the negatives. On the plus side it does have Sally Field as the matriarch of the family. She is very endearing and always puts herself out for her family. The family member I can most relate to is the youngest offspring of William and Nora Walker, Justin. Like me he is deeply flawed and I think it would be fair to say he is the black sheep of the family. Despite the flaws he is an incredibly likable character. Whilst I do enjoy the show immensely, I am hoping it doesn't get recommissioned for another season and quit whilst they are ahead.

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Not bad 2nd Indy movie, 9 May 2010

With this review I will have reviewed all of the Indy movies on IMDb. For years I had despised this second Indy outing and last week I sat down to rewatch it after a good number of years and to my surprise I ended up enjoying it. TOD is pure excitement from beginning to end,the opening twenty minutes is simply breathtaking and the rope bridge sequence is easily the best thing ever done in an Indiana Jones movie. The plot as it goes involves Indy ending up in an Indian village after almost being killed when his plane crashes. He is accompanied by his sidekick Short Round and a bar singer called Wilhelmina Scott(Spielberg's future wife). Indy is told that a sacred stone has been stolen and that their children have been taken over by evil spirits. So Indy and his two companions go off in he search for the children and the sacred stone. They stay in a Maharajah's palace and later they discover an underground passage which leads them to Mola Ram. What happens after that is a series of exciting chases. Being a huge Bollywood fan the main highlight for me was the casting of Bollywood veteran Amrish Puri. It was his role as Mola Ram that paved a path for him in Bollywood and made him one of Bollywood's best known villains. I will end up saying that whilst TOD has improved quite considerably it is nowhere near as good as Raiders or The Last Crusade. I will rate TOD a 6/10 which is pretty good.

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Karan Johar's return to directing is an absolute winner, 20 February 2010

Ever since I saw Kuch Kuch hota hai in the cinema 12 years ago I have had a fondness for Karan Johar movies, I am also a huge huge of Shah Rukh Khan and therefore I have seen every Johar-Khan collaboration. Their last collaboration Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna left me slightly unsure about whether Johar had lost his touch(even though I didn't think it was as bad as people had told me). My Name is Khan has been all over the news in the past weeks over Shah Rukh's comments about his comments about the Indian cricket team and it incited riots. I won't pass comments about who's right and who's wrong but all I can say is I hope his comments don't make people wary of seeing it because it is a truly entertaining movie. see it with my mother and two sisters and was completely in awe of it till the very end. I had doubts about this movie because from the ads it felt like a movie about terrorism which has been covered many times in the past couple of years in Bollywood(New York,Kurbaan,Fanaa etc)but I was surprised at how different it was from other Bollywood terrorism movies. Instead of dealing with the lives of the terrorists it dealt with the impact terrorism has on the normal citizens. In my life I have only cried watching three movies and My Name is Khan is one of them. It is truly a heartwarming movie and has reestablished my faith in the goodness of strangers. In a way it didn't feel like a Karan Johar movie. It didn't have lavish sound and dance numbers for one. It didn't even have any special appearances by actors(Salman Khan in KKHH, Rani Mukherjee in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham etc). Although Jimmy Shergill also starred in it but he had a rather lengthy role. In short My Name is Khan surpassed my huge expectations and is a wonderful treat for Bollywood fans.

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One of my favourite Frasier episodes, 26 November 2009

Out with Dad is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite Frasier episodes. Frasier has taken fancy to a woman who he meets at the opera regularly. To give him moral support Martin tags along with him. The woman brings her mother who takes a fancy to Martin and to avoid hurting her feelings he tells her he's gay. The mother then thinks that he would be ideal person for someone she knows to go out with. After Frasier manages to convince the woman he likes to come back to his apartment so Martin,the woman, her mother all go back to his apartment and the mother's gay friend tags along(following so far). The gay friend tries to hit on Martin and Martin is none the wiser. Then when it suddenly dawns on Martin what's going on he lies to the gay friend and tells him he's actually dating someone and at this point Niles walks into the apartment and for some inexplicable reason Martin declares Niles is his boyfriend, cue lots of hilarity Frasier style. It's episodes like this one that remind fans why they started following Frasier in the first place. Top notch episode from a top notch sitcom.

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