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The Ellen Degeneres Show is the funniest talk show ever. She tickles the funny bone and doesn't crack a smile while you are dying from laughing.

Ellen has had some ups and downs in her personal life but she has always been sincere and honest with the public and it comes across that way with her guests and with her rapport with the audience.

I have never known my husband to become hysterical while watching any comic but he almost passes out from sheer laughter while watching Ellen.

I wish Ellen the greatest success ever and know I will always be an avid viewer. You couldn't go wrong watching this show.

Remember Ellen is bringing laughter back to daytime television. :)

DeNiro at his best, 24 August 2003

After years and years of tough guy serious roles, DeNiro is in his true element of comedy.

He is hysterical in this film and his performance alone makes it worth watching. Many laughs and many smiles.

Billy Crystal's performance is just so so, but not up to some of his earlier work. Lisa Kudrow's straightman performance is good but lacking.

Harold Ramis did an all around good job with this film. I am glad I got to see this film. Still laugh when I think of certain parts of it. ;)

The Seventh Stream (2001) (TV)
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Romantic excellence, 9 December 2001

This movie is the epitome of romance. Scott Glenn and Saffron Burrows have a chemistry that is undeniable.

The Seventh Stream is much like The Legend of Roane Eilish. The scenery, the sounds, the lighting, just like a day by the beach. I was totally mesmerized by the cinematography.

I am not professional reviewer and I don't write often about photography etc but this was one time that it needed mentioned.

I do know what I like and I really liked this movie. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It touched my heart and I will be forever grateful for that touch.

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In my humble opinion, this is the best of the best John Wayne film. Although not a cowboy movie lover, I am an avid John Wayne fan, and I consider this his very best work.

The relationship between Rooster and Miss Eula has such chemistry you just can't take your eyes off the screen. Kate Hepburn looking into the eyes of John Wayne is absolutely magical and this is the way I will always remember them both.

Must Be Santa (1999) (TV)
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Heart-warming and entertaining, 7 December 2001

I will be the first to admit that this movie is a little hokey at times, but it is a very heart-warming and entertaining family movie.

I highly recommend it for family viewing. Family movies are rare nowadays and when a good one comes along it is really a joy.

Call Me Claus (2001) (TV)
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Slow moving but good, 2 December 2001

The movie starts out slowly, but, gently evolves into a tale of overcoming past pain and disappointment. As with most Christmas stories the premise is sort of limited but has a great ending. Destined to become a classic, in my humble opinion.

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My family thoroughly enjoyed Chicken Run. It was delightfully funny and surprisingly well-written.

It is nice to sit down and watch something so entertaining and not be faced with blood, gore, and foul language. I would love to see more movies made in this manor.

Funny but offensive., 30 October 2001

The concept of this movie is funny and original, but the foul language is over-used and offensive. Jim Carrey is very believable switching back and forth between characters. If not for the crude and crass language it would have been much more enjoyable.