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Photo's of naked women and dildoes., 29 August 2009

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Controversial photographer Zanele Muholi, puts on a show of black lesbians, representations of the trials and tribulations they face -especially living in Johannasburg. Muholi quotes in the film (which she narrated) she wanted to share what it is like for lesbian in South Africa, "All around us they still persecute us, they still preach to us". One of the photographs in the collection was a woman who had been raped and beaten as the victim of a hate-crime only two days before. There were many pictures of female naked bodies with dildoes strapped to them and one of a sanitary pad on a plate, a knife and fork placed expectantly on either side. For a seven minute film it was more like a commentary on the art-show.

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Ancient Chinese-Kiwi vampire film -good for amateur, 1 December 2008

The fact that this scored over seven out of ten up to now doesn't count for much since it's only had eight votes. For a D-rate Kiwi vampire film with a budget of $16,000 it's actually pretty accurate though.

It's extremely amateur but not so naturally without talent that you 'need' to turn it off. I found it progressive and kinda amusing. "Kung Fu Vampire Killers" shows a decided lack of effort but it transcends the belief that it meant to do that, and that's what's provocative about it. The sound, the picture, and the dialogue appear so cheaply effective it actually seems genuine. I liked this movie. A lot. But I fully realize that most people won't, especially general American audiences.

This is totally true, if you're from the us, you don't like independent or foreign (or cult) films, don't bother. You'll think it's the end of the world. Everyone else (probably the minority) I recommend it, even if it's just so you can say you saw it all the way through. Even if it's just the title that attracted you.

It's a journey boys and girls.

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Huh?, 16 November 2008

I dunno what this looked like to other people but it seemed to me like absolutely NOTHING. I think it's just supposed to depict a female hussdog roaming around in her car (as if that's special) picking up random chicks to sleep with. The 'other' woman in the first scene is, at first, very amenable, then the interaction (which is displayed only through the Roxette track 'I think we're Alone Now', and their facial expressions) turns angry and argumentative. The simple shorty turns quickly into just a series of random, unappealing faces in the 'main characters' passenger seat. Then it ends.

Waste of time.

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A raw look at the abuse, battery, and fear that lurks within many families., 11 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The 3hr 16min film opens with a police car cruising through the streets, arriving at a domestic disturbance and arresting a man who claims innocence. It goes on after this to show a mixture of arrests and questioning in households which have reported domestic disturbance. A large part of this important documentary also consists of women in group sessions and discussion with counselors in a shelter for battered victims. Bruised and angry women (many of whom have small children) recount their horrific pasts of sexual, emotional and physical control. Interestingly enough, the main reason the women gave for eventually leaving the batterer (usually a husband or boyfriend) and coming to the refuge for help, was not to protect themselves, but to protect their children.

The most positive thing about the film was how the victims eyes were opened to their own self-worth at the refuge. A lot of the women reported that they didn't even realize that what their partners were doing was wrong, and if they did, they forgave them and let them do it again and again. There is a tragic scene early in the film where are blood-soaked woman whose teeth have been punched through her cheek screams for the paramedics not to take her away.

Statistics showed that 650 adults and one thousand children arrive at the shelter annually. 50% of these children have been abused prior to admission and 50% of which are under 5yrs old. 15% of batterers are women and about 12 men each year go to the refuge for help. Domestic violence crimes take up a third of all police time, (Tampa, Florida).

Each different story/clip is separated by drab images of six-lane traffic and the desolate buildings of the shelter, I don't think the sun was shown once.

Domestic Violence is an excellent reminder of the cruelty a large proportion of the population still has to live with from day to day and and cyclic nature of family abuse. Despite the depressive nature of the material, it is both real and hope-giving.

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Pandora's Box, 1929, 9 January 2007

Tokio is a modern male parallel to Pabsts Lulu. He's hairdresser who looks after his beautiful officer worker sister. He sleeps around with anyone and everyone, breaking hearts all over the show. Japanese people just cant hug properly can they? It's not their thing. This part is quite funny in some scenes. Okay, so Tokio is this absolutely perfect looking, young Japanese guy. His dress sense is a little cool but he could've cooled it with the pink shirts all the time. He treats the people he sleeps with as if he doesn't have a heart. His sister spends some time away with a friend. The friend, a woman, is in love with his sister. A kiss on the head is about as far as this film goes for those of you's wanting some lesbo camp scenes. When the sister returns home, the siblings begin an incestuous relationship.

In a nicely shot street scene Tokio gets sliced down the left side of his face with a razor by an unknown woman who disappears into the crowds. He lies in the street for a while passed out. Goes to hospital. All the while he is still madly in love with his sister.

When he comes home, he is depressed (which is actually not much different for him throughout the entire film -he's so laid back and moochy and doesn't smile a lot). Suddenly when he passes beautiful women on the street they push past him barely noticing him. It's great. 'The now ineffective seductress'. Animusu anima is boring from beginning to end.

Spellbound (1945)
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Just to give a different opinion, 5 January 2007

I thought this movie was boring and a complete waste of time and money. It was pretentious and the soundtrack didn't suit the scenes. It was melodramatic and the acting sucked. It was a damn romance not a thriller. Admittedly the last 15 minutes were a slight improvement, but that doesn't change my rating of 4/ 10. Sorry to people who are Hitchcock fans or people who actually liked this film. I don't understand why he developed amnesia when he was about 30 years old as the event that originally initiated it happened when he was like 10. Aside from Ingrid Bergmans characters old analyst all the characters were pathetically weak and painful to watch. Ii reminded me a lot of Georg Wilhelm Pabst's Die Buchse der Pandora. His characters were also weak as hell, irritatingly so. To give a good example of precisely what I didn't like is the relationship development between Constance and John. There was none! It may have been lust, infatuation or something, but love? They didn't know anything about each other, at least it wasn't portrayed in the bulk of the film. Maybe I'm being too harsh, Hitchcock was a very good writer. I did like Rope.

Dogville (2003)
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Utterly depressing crap., 16 February 2005

This is one of the most disgusting portrayals of humanity I've ever seen (totally in sync with Dancer in the Dark). I don't doubt that the acting, the cinematography, the direction -all brilliant. But the fact that someone could create this story of absolute cruelty and betrayal (without the adjunction of guilt, remorse or apology in any form) is repellent and sickening.

The presence of an inventive and original setting involving a delusive town with imaginary doors, walls and chalked gooseberry bushes doesn't make up for the disconsolate nature of the pathetically narrow-minded antagonists.

In conclusion I loath this director and I HATED this film.

Saru (2003)
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This is NOT a horror., 10 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unless you're Japanese, have a taste for Japanese style films, or are abnormally open-minded I wouldn't recommend Saru. The film starts out with a scene where a monkey who has been subjected to experimental drug testing gets aggressive and goes into attack mode. This introduction was actually depicted through the media in the opening scenes. Skip forward to who knows when and we have a group of young guys packed, signed up and entering a hospital for a six day clinical drug trial that they are told very little about.

The boys are typical idiots who know nothing about the risks of what they're doing or what is even happening to them when their reactions to the drugs go wrong. They begin to sweat constantly, are lethargic, sleep a lot and appear to be having increasingly paranoid delusions. For all you little Blockbuster fans this may be the point at which this is the film version of a complete anti-climax. But, as they say, try changing how you see, instead of always what you see.

Plan B: (WARNING) Saru may strike you this way - It's NOT a horror, more of a docu-drama, weirdly dotted with random, unexplained events (not enough of which to distract you from the fact that it's totally boring). The first hour of the film, mostly set in the hospital with the guinea-pigs getting to know one another; talking, joking, messing round -all a lovely waste of time. There was one violent attack, but unfortunately the audience only gets to hear about it... ha-ha! Having said that, I encourage you whom this analysis appeals to to maybe explore different cultural-type films. 'They' say it broadens your perspective, and I agree.

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It's not about Prozac at all., 5 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Totally don't know what you people are on, or maybe you've just never actually needed and therefore not experienced what it does to you. So many of you out there just allow social stigma and cultural crapolla to overtake you and cloud your vision. Prozac has prevented many, many people from disappearing. Important people, people who have the potential to offer the world something. Point 1: Antidepressants are over-prescribed in every way you could think of in every developed country. Mostly, they are the older form, the 'tricyclics'; 'nortriptyline', 'amitriptyline' etc. These are the so-called "dirty" drugs, which doctors prescribe (especially in NZ) in place of addictive hypnotic tranquilizers or 'anxiolytics'. The mental health system wants to cut down on over-prescribing physically addictive drugs but pays no attention to the adverse immediate and rather unknown permanent damage of 'tricyclics'. The problem with them is, they do help with sleep (if you take "enough") but they ain't God damn for that, besides which they affect both serotonin and dopamine release in the brain and thats like taking uppers with downers; it cancels out the desired reaction and fills it in with nasty MFing side-effects. SSRI's are different, much more effective. But unnecessary and likely to make the patient worse if she takes them when she has not been properly or incorrectly diagnosed. I study human behavior, I've been through numerous mental health systems, I study medication and I know mental disorders. Ricci's character was not suffering from primary depression, the Prozac will do nothing for her. She was a classic example of psychiatrists looking only at what they see (and not very much of that) and not looking at what may be the root of the problem. I don't condone the use of anti-psychotics at all, I've been there, but in this case I saw it as way more worth a try than Prozac. Ricci's characters behavior was not what I've observed from patients suffering clinical depression. She had frequent psychotic episodes and began scaring people, she made suicide attempts; were they passive or active? She pretty much lost touch with her former reality and her former self. She became fragmented, but still had passion, anger, emotion (perhaps too much of this - another symptom they spoon feed you anti-psychotics most commonly to control). Point 2: Prozac is a miracle drug and I don't appreciate the way it was used, implicitly, in this film to the general population as useless, when its the mental health system they should have been attacking. Also, whoever was responsible for writing, producing and directing this film should research their subjects properly before they make this kind of film. Titles great, just doesn't match the film at all.

You just don't make films about subjects you have no clue about.

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B*****d descendants of SS officers wicked weekends with Aryan women., 11 November 2003

This is absolutely the most disgusting, sadistic film I've ever seen. The plot, the script, the development and most importantly the ending are SICK. The whole idea that a living person created this badly influential trash is obscene. The antagonists show no mercy whatsoever, they are truly psychopathic -in the real sense of the word -without conscience. The division between victims and victimizers is way too wide. A decent and even happy family unit is tormented, tortured, humiliated and eventually murdered.

Frankly this sad excuse for a story is terrible, and painful to watch. As far as production goes it is not bad, but for entertainment value I give Funny Games (what a stupid name for such a horribly cruel film) zero. Typically people in the western worlds today are sadists, way too comfortable and bored in their lives and so create their own forms of misery to thrive on. Please try to realize that this type of entertainment is perverse and only damages susceptible circles of society.

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